ABERDEEN MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC, We say thank-you for alerting us to yet another example of local politicians behaving like little children where telling lies seems to now be the norm in Aberdeen political life.

This time its pollys side kick Gordon Townson in the spotlight, the public has pointed us to the the SNP Aberdeen website where we find one of polly’s corporate sponsors is doing a bit of moon lighting for his secret boss in trying to create the impression inchgarth is being badly treated by the ruling labour party!

He States on the SNP Blog that his secret boss was just made an MBE for services to the garthdee Community, but then adds and being “good at management of the community centre“. which after checking with both the cabinet office in London and the Scottish government is complete and utter lies!

Councillor Townson then went on to state “This is a terrible way to serve hard working volunteers.” how many times does SNP and lib dem councillors need to say this quote polly is not a volunteer hes a £27,000 pa paid employee if hes that bothered about their plight why don’t we hear him asking for fair pay to all the really hard working workers who do the same job as polly all over Aberdeen if not more yet he gets paid and they don’t, if they are so hard working then surely if there’s lots of money being generated then why is Townson and friends not asking for these people to be paid the going rate?

These politicans don’t even follow the councillors code of conduct by declaring there’s an interest with inchgarth the local register of interests is void of any such interest!

(Self-Employed) GT Eye 2 Eye a community engagement consultant Deliver enterprise in education projects/initiates involving several academies in City and Shire is a coporate sponsor of inchgarth yet he’s allowed to vote in council committees that directly involves inchgarth and never once declared an interest, why?

Does any of our readers wish to comment on these matters, how about Mr Townson?