Following on from the disastrous drubbing the Aberdeen Labour Party gave Dug lover Mr O’Connor double 0 nothing last Thursday evening Polly gathers his troops at a birthday bash in aid of light relief and relaxation in Aberdeen’s west end and leaves with money peggy!

Last Thursday proved to be a turning point for double 0 nothing as yet again his counting was way out of sink with reality, he told the councillors inchgarth has a footfall of 120,000 a year now lets assume they pay just £2 per go that equals £240,000, he then told the people of Aberdeen he had a profit of £30,000 from just his first six months at peggys cafe, he then gets over £10,000 pa just to agree he can open the centre late at night, another £10,000+ from concert take-ins and he gets £10,000 for council grant, all together adds up £300,000+ PA and nowhere near the £35,000 pa he claimed to councillors last Thursday afternoon, Mr O’Connor thinks the people of Aberdeen are stupid!

Furthermore he pays no rent, tax, rates and the council pays all utilities including gas electricity and phone bills nice work if one can get it but this is the latest garthdee news and it will get worse before it gets better!

Heres the problem if the centre has a footfall of 120,000 the sums just dont add up?

This means each user is just paying the centre 25p per visit, does anyone think this is the right conclusion given his evidence to the council committee?

Most other leased centres are in the same boat just on a smaller scale!