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Happy New Year Same Old Inchgarth.

Happy New Year Same Old Inchgarth.

As we say our festive cheer and goodwill to our fellow man and Brothers, we in the corrupt capital of Scotland leave this year and enter the new year 2013 in the same way we left 2012.

It seems the old inchgarth crew has learned nothing at all in 2012, we thought with all the reverse policies and back sliding you would think their manager and political friends would at least do the right thing and stop lying to the people of Aberdeen but alas it looks like we will have to endure more of the same.

Remember the statement on the inchgarth website on the 25th of November.



We said its lies, guess what, inchgarth has failed to inform building control, its true they require no planning consent from the council but the still need to issue full plans to building control maybe they are scared in-case we check them out and find the smoking gun and we will most certainly look for one!

The real problem here is one of the councillors who does inchgarths bidding on a regular basis just so happened to berate local business bosses for refusing to do the right thing and register their licenced premisses on time yet he was there when inchgarth said they were going to start building works in around two weeks time, nothing like double standards and councillors why the get ignored?

International Scotland staff would like to wish all of our thousands of website visitors a happy new year from your Scottish based web masters here in the North East of Scotland.

Scotland’s Top Story in December 2012.

Scotland’s Top Story in December 2012.



Scotland’s Top Story in December 2012.



International Scotland’s top story in December was the annoucement that inchgarth was to get a 50,000 pound giveaway xmas present for a new peggy’s cafe and new internet hub mark 2, if they sign the new lease agreement failing that at least the inchgarth managent committee knows there’s enough dosh to pay their manager off if he decides to walk away as was reported on the 23rd December by the STV Media outlet!

The second most popular hit was our secret story that was a special message we did hear at the time many Scottish council workers past and present was falling of their chairs with utter laughter and people who were not aware soon was and given the many referred pages from local government servers most of the council visted that story all this month.

Just out of interest our top story in November was when Polly got found out he could not be trusted by other leased centres in Aberdeen when he lead his numpties up the hill and came tumbling down with a bang and where the current council knew they had him and his merry men  in their sights produced over 590 website visitors on one day.

The site had over 457 visitors per day on average in what is a slow web trafficing month we are very pleased as before we cleaned out the website of old stories we averaged nearly 1200 visitors a day but that had over 170 pages so we think by next Feb we will be back to normal.

We had over 17,000 visitors to the site this month over 3000 was new and have already returned for more of the same, we thank-you!

It also seems inchgarth is a very popular subject for our readership and we are happy to report more stories if and when they become available…?

We wish all our readers and visitors a happy new year from all the staff of International Scotland website.


International Scotland Christmas Special Report

International Scotland Christmas Special Report.

No Christmas Special Report from the website of Aberdeen Based International Scotland would be complete unless it was about our friends over at Inchgarth now would it?

We have written many things about Inchgarth and we get no pleasure in rubbing in that we are continually right, but lately many of our website readers have asked us to spell out why they get so much of our attention.

Inchgarth Community Centre

Inchgarth Community Centre is unlike any of the other fifty (50) or so community centres in Aberdeen, most centres in Aberdeen except perhaps one don’t believe these centres should be run by the people for the people, inchgarth has other ideas they think its run by the chairman, manager, coordinator and full time Janitor which just happens to be the same person, this persons obsession with Inchgarth came about because of kaimhill, as a young silly lad he got himself banned and swore on an oath to one day take it over and sack everyone that was bad to him (in his eyes) and in most part he’s been rather successful in some instances but at what costs?

Inchgarth Community Centre is not a not for profit exercise it is in fact one huge free enterprise that gets everything paid for it including all it’s heating, electricity even the phone call’s are paid too by Aberdeen City Council in fact ICC pays no rents, rates, taxes, VAT that we know of yet operates an £40,000  plus café and a takeaway fast food business, it even has a kids sweetie shop on-site everything one needs to raise huge sums of money, consider also they even get £10,000 PA from ACC to help run its admin.


Some inchgarth users have reported to us and others that the management has asked for payment towards utility costs in the past, we hope this is untrue as it may be classed as fraud.


Inchgarth Community Centre Income Streams.

As we have pointed out inchgarth has no problems raising money, job well done we say but one vocal community councillor recently opened his big mouth at an official council meeting and was quoted as saying his centre only takes in £40,000 PA, when we heard of this we were shocked as our earlier investigations discovered it was a lot more than this, let us explain, first inchgarth print on their website they have a 3000 footfall using the centre each month  that’s 36,000 visitors a year (ie; 3,000visitors X 12 months = 36,000) and if each visitor spends just £2 per visit that’s £72,000 alone and everyone knows that those visiting inchgarth can be expected via social blackmail to use Peggy’s Café and buy drinks or food while attending there!

Inchgarth Community Centre has some 1500 members each paying around £5

Inchgarth Community Centre claims to have the most groups using its centre and biggest amount of lets this must generate huge sums of cash?

Inchgarth claims to have many high paying lets including your diva dancers bet that’s not a cheap let just for example and we have heard stories they are not allowed to take in refreshments but need purchase them from within inchgarth there’s even confirmed stories about OAP’s been told NOT to get their teas from the cheaper church just up the road!

Every visitor is encouraged to use Peggy’s café a cup of coffee is said to have at least 400% profit so you can see why the management wants everyone’s business can’t you!

Inchgarth Community Centre Sponsorship.

Inchgarth Community Centre has many corporate sponsors again well done to them but if they don’t give money, sorry, forgot they do to the tune of at least £2000 each, O’Connor told this on his site last year then quickly deleted it.

Inchgarth Community Centre Charity Gifts.

Inchgarth Community Centre has been very lucky this year, Asda foundation setup to give charities up to £10,000 per donation to other charities one such donation was given to Inchgarth and according to an Asda spokeswoman was handled by middleman councillor Townson now there’s a surprise, when we questioned what this money was for we were told it was for a new hall floor, which is fine other than the fact the said that particular hall had already been laid and paid for with the proceeds of a previous concert held on March the 17th of March 2012 one week later the hall floor was laid and paid for according to the Inchgarth website so we told Asda this, – within 30 minutes Asda had changed its story three times and told us there would be an official statement released in due course, and you guessed it we are still waiting for one!

They then said it was for anything they wanted to do with it great is it customers have to put in green tokens and they decide this on the basis of what’s written on above the charity box – how many customers would have voted for Incharth had they known it was for any purpose they liked, what about the other two charities bidding for the same funds oh at least you could say they were real charity bodies unlike Inchgarth who is not a registered charity at all so why were they even in the running? BAA has recently gave Inchgarth an non-charity £50,000 to develop a centre that belongs to Aberdeen City Council and a management committee that might still not agree a deal with Aberdeen City Council over a new lease agreement, oh well at least the manager will have ample funds to get his Redundancy package he claimed he was going to receive to a recent STV reporter and was quoted as such!

BAA must have been aware of these facts and also the fact Incharth already had these facilities in place so why allow a mark two version to take place on a leased property is just not very bright!

Yet again Incharth made secret plans on this bid without telling its landlords anything at all, not even a courtesy call, since then they have not even asked the council for a building warrant despite Inchgarth claiming they were to start work mid-Jan 2013 we think its an attempt to blackmail sitting labour councillors into accepting a lesser deal that suits Inchgarth not Aberdeen City Solicitors.

No other centres has the political clout Inchgarth has enjoyed over the past 15 years if Inchgarth wanted something Incharth got it, no questions asked!

Of course most of these favours were handed to him by the lib-dems and SNP friends of old and after S. Cassie was jailed for naughty boy stuff it was downhill all the way for Inchgarth team.

The Inchgarth Committee seems to have an exposed public view and voice, and an inner hush,hush Committee who make a point of not telling the left hand what the right hand has planned. The problem arises with the great majority of the Inchgarth Community Committee who are honest and hard working citizens are oblivious of the trust and abuse placed on them from certain other decision making members of the committee.

Figures don’t compute.

Now we come to the interesting part, inchgarth may have lots of groups working in the centre but how many of them are actually run by the Management other than what takes in the most dosh, peggy’s, bouncy castles for very young children and well behaved youths?

Inchgarth claimed to councillors they were taken in just £40000 pa income the chairman gets 27,000 plus leaving just 13,000 for the full time chef and the two other paid employees that inchgarth has confirmed on their website in recent months that leaves a huge black hole of debt?

Of course inchgarth does have the services of their very own chartered accountant on hand to guide its management and we assume he too is on the payroll as well. Inchgarth has been given well over £100,000 in collections, grants, fees, sponsorship and various other collections so the £40,000 quoted to council was either in error or was lies because they cannot add lump sums and say its not income?

When inchgarth put in their BBA bid did they tell them they already had large revenue streams or did they mention the £40,000 figure again?

Many centres don’t have these cash streams available to them, most of the time this is due to the size of the centres programs or facilities not the fault of the management committees often referred to from inchgarth sources in the past as just being lazy! In fact most of the Aberdeen City Centres are working on a tight budget using NON PAID staff.

What ever you say about inchgarth it is run as a very successful business and there seems little doubt it is a business so why did BAA and Asda feel the need to invest in there in the first place if it already had the means to raise its own cash and even more puzzling of all give large sums of money to a committee that was in a leased centre that at the time had no mandate to be legally  using a centre which could not possibly have public liability insurance cover as there was no completion certificate (awarded Nov 2012)and to actually be in the centre to carry on when other groups who were legally covered and fully owned their properties and would have been a more acceptable beneficiary. The overall bidding process does not fill one with confidence.

Political Friends 

Yes everyone needs them to a degree, inchgarth has most of Aberdeen councillors on their side, very few except us know why but most of them all has something in common, none of them declares an interest in inchgarth come voting times, that’s right other councillors in other wards within the City are happy to declare an interest and even go out of their ways to do so( as their rules suggest) but not if its to do with inchgarth, why is this so which is in clear breach of the code of practices and governed by ACC, City solicitors do nothing to enforce these set in stone rules, why?

More on this later!


Screen Captures from Inchgarth’s own website…

Paul O’Connor, MBE, City Burgess,



Evening Express and other media outlets.





 Please remember the web is full of untruths and stories please decipher with care, if this is news to you you read it here first!


Latest Samsung Galaxy Over The Air Software Update.

Latest Samsung Galaxy Over The Air Software Update.




Three network and Samsung has just released the best xmas present ever for S2 users, as many of us was suffering from unstable handsets and USB charging problems are now a thing of the past.

The interface has had a slight improvement including message handling, missed calls and new contacts menus, internet connections now seem really quick.

Three months ago over the air software updates were failing to install but this has now been overcome.

The first part is around 100MB THE PHONE WILL INSTALL THIS FIRST!

When the S2 reboots it asks the user to install a further over the air update of 70MB the process takes around 30 mins if you use a WiFi connection.

The finished build according to my device is IMM76D.XWLPY


These two updates will repair the Samsung USB charging problem for good!

To do a software over-the-air update go to phone settings, then scrool to bottom of menu> About phone> Software update, that is it!

My device is now rock solid with no issues what so ever, well done Samsung and Three on a job well done!



Aberdeen City Council should step into line with Dundee City Council as more and more legalised loan sharks muscle in on the poorest in society.

The fact is these cowboys only sprung up after the banks went bust and interest rates went into orbit.

They can be easily recognised by giveaway hints like only 2,000% apr. and words like, “no hidden charges”.

Access to pay-day loan company websites is to be blocked by Dundee City Council in a bid to stop people getting into debt over Christmas.

The authority has instructed its IT department to prevent people from using the websites on council computers.

Computers in all council buildings, including community centres and also libraries will be affected.

Figures suggest one in 10 Scots use the high-interest lenders to fund their festive shopping.

IT staff at the council have already barred access to more than 100 individual pay-day loan websites which charge massive interest rates.

Preventing misery

Council leader Ken Guild said: “We are trying our best to block access to these sites which promise solutions to people that bring only more misery and heartache.

“There has been an explosion in this type of site recently and we are trying our best to keep up with this.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to remind people that the Discovery Credit Union is available for simple saving accounts, low interest loans and free life insurance.”

‘Responsible lenders’

However, the move has been criticised by the Consumer Finance Association, which represents some of the largest and most responsible pay-day lenders in the UK.

Chief executive Russell Hamblin-Boone said: “The council is free to block whichever sites it wishes from its employees’ computers but to also do so on public ones in community centres and libraries is denying local residents access to short-term, flexible credit.

“Pay-day loans are increasingly popular and responsible lenders such as the CFA’s members operate by a strict code of conduct which protects consumers.

“Research shows that 91% of pay-day customers are satisfied with the experience and 85% have no trouble paying back their loans, so the council’s belief that the loans are detrimental to those that take them is misplaced and not based on evidence.”

Story from the BBC

New Inchgarth Cafe Mystery Deepens

New Inchgarth Cafe Mystery Deepens?

Many locals in Aberdeen are starting to learn it could only happen in Garthdee!
A few weeks ago we had the news that BAA had decided to award inchgarth CC £50,000 what they termed “making a communities dream come true” since then it appears no-one told the BAA board that decided which charity or group got this whacking huge cash injection that the community centre already had the best thriving cafe over all community centres within Aberdeen City and a comparatively unused Internet hub on site which incredibly, BAA have told us they went into fine detail during the bid process, if this is true why did they not know there was already a cafe which cost £55,000 to build and got its completion certificate in November 2012. so, from Nov 2012 the permissions were at long last granted after the cafe had run for years without permission and ultimately with technically zero public liability insurance for anyone entering that part of the building or visiting the recently legalised (Nov 2012) peggy’s cafe.(how does an insurance company differentiate between where insurance or public liability starts and where exactly it finishes?)  Before BAA awarded the monies was BAA aware of this prior to the 22nd of November?, if they were aware what reasons can they give for allowing yet another cafe to be built on the same site less than 50 feet away in the same building?
The second question is equally troubling inchgarth already had an Internet hub running for around two years, why did BAA decide inchgarth was the place to site yet another Internet hub 50 feet away from another new project, inchgarth will be in the Guinness book of records for having two cafes, and two internet hubs within 50 feet of each other and in the exact same building, incredible, it could only happen in Aberdeen/Garthdee!

Again BAA trust fund board failed to do their homework, Kaimhill School has a state of the art Internet Hub only 150 yards away which is not used fully and neither was inchgarths so why does the area require more terminals that may never be used? Repeat, never ever be used!
More over where does this satisfy their test of making dreams come true for the lucky recipients of the “50 grand giveaway” its now clear everyone knows what that means.

Inchgarth claimed on 23rd of November 2012 that the said works would start just prior to inchgarth signing the now historic (WE WONT SIGN – NO WAY) and new Aberdeen City Council Management Lease Agreement where certain inchgarth committee members blatantly engineered a smear and hate campaign against the leader of the ruling Labour Party administration. Around the same time it was agreed all community centres would bring hardship onto the political party in leadership but their bubble was deliberately burst by certain Inchgarth individuals towards  (WE WILL ALL SING TOGETHER OR NOT AT ALL) Powis CC in their time of need and putting up the white flag of surrender 10 hours later telling other centres they were on their own this website attempted to warn these centres about the dirty tricks brigade which encouraged us to fore-warn other centres that this was exactly how it was going to end because we knew in advance inchgarth was in danger of losing this funding but we now know they told no-one else about it, why? Would it not be in support of other centres if Inchgarth had already decided to share their good fortune and divide it equally amongst all centres, if not why not? other centres are just as deserving if not more deserving as many of these centres do not have a peggy’s cafe equivalent.

We can tell our readers no works will start at inchgarth before the lease agreement is signed because inchgarth has not even requested a building warrant from the council and when they do it will still take at least 8-12 weeks minimum to start building works so you have ask why they said last week work will start next month ( if work starts it again will be against the rules of the lease centre and Aberdeen City Council) was as we said last week this was designed to blackmail elected councillors into getting a better lease deal and putting pressure on them with a fifty grand giveaway at risk all very questionable practices and certainly rocks the moral boat?

Given there was already a cafe earning £40,000++ pa and an underused internet cafe/hub already in use in both inchgarth and kaimhill cc why did BAA think this project deserved its support where the model was already in place that this 50 grand could not have been better spent in say the other end of the city has many groups and charities wondering why they put so much effort and time into their own “creating a dream come true for our service users”?

We did ask BAA TRUST FUND for a comment and they have confirmed to us they will be watching developments very closely at every step of the way at inchgarth as will be ourselves, we can wait to see the plans blueprints at ACC building control and when its finally finished (peggys mark1 took 2 years) see how its transformed the centre or turned its users off, we sincerely hope its a success as will BAA!!!


Please remember the web is full of untruths and stories please decipher with care, if this is news to you you read it here first!





TRUMP VERSUS WIND FARMS is about all we’ve heard from the local Menie Estate (Trump International Golf Links Scotland) office. The foundations are being planned for the next part of the build. The Trump organisation have already mucked up the plans big time, for example; – the main entrance sign was twice the size they had planning permission for and their car park had extra spaces where again there was nothing on the official plans, we won’t  mention other items which have now been sorted. So as you can imagine all eyes will be making sure no deviations from the original permitted plans are accidentally altered.

Now let’s look at the big picture; the Golf Course Mr Trump is building for himself and his shareholders will in the “World” of Mr Trump be like nowhere else (yes! that’s obvious) and it will be such a success that in every way it will be the best for ever and ever and always.
Seemingly the only thing going to influence that super duper success is the “Wind Farm” which will be off the North East Coast of Scotland and within vision of the golf players on this super duper golf course.

I would personally agree with Mr Trump that “Wind Farms” will spoil the Scottish scenery and ruin the landscape but not in the same way he thinks – I couldn’t really care less if ANY golf course is a disaster. I do believe Scotland and Scotland’s people are absolutely more important than any golf course or anything else.

Take that North East Coastline that Mr Trump is vocal about; this part of the coastline should in all honesty have a three metre high brick wall from Wick in the North to Aberdeen in the North East but the problem is it’s all water, so what better way to attempt to calm and break up that cold biting gale force winter wind than swamping the coastline water with wind and wave turbines and windmills. The sea is not really being utilised so why not cover it with windmills rather than our beautiful Scottish land. To harness the power of the sea is the next stage for future generations, so it’s now things should begin, and we should ignore these people who have a vested interest and instead make Scotland strong and independent.

Which automatically asks the question;

Are golf courses more important than a way of life in the North East of Scotland?

Do we really need another golf course when we have golf links courses as good and challenging as Cullen with a round fee of only £18-00?

Do we really need reminders how wonderfully good our way of life is in the North East by a company who are continually trying the patience of every North East resident?

The Scottish government have continually said they have an agenda for long term “Wind Farms”, and similar power needs in Scotland – let’s watch with interest what they consider more important in our lives in the North East of Scotland.

If it’s news to you, then you read it here first.


INTERNATIONAL SCOTLAND FORCES INCHGARTH TO GET COMPLETION CERTIFICATE  at long last they did what we told them and got their act together.
peggi’s cafe, has finally been given a completion certificate – to think this cafe had been running for over two years and technically without cover (hope they have this now?)
It’s been over a month since Inchgarth got their certificate, so why did they not broadcast this from the rooftops? was it because we told them to get it done? or was it to save face? The strange thing is their new found wealth is expected to build another peggi’s cafe, so is it the same? or is it an upgrade to the existing peggi’s cafe? would this contravene the requested criteria from BAA? We wait with bated breath!



The 6 sides of the coin are Inchgarth Community Centre, Kaimhill Community Wing, Ruthrieston Community Centre, Airyhall Community Centre, Airyhall Community Wing.

How can any of this councilor’s ward trust or believe anything he says? It is obvious this councilor was intent on keeping the recent windfall of £50,000 to one Community Centre instead of sharing the good fortune to all worthy Centres within his ward.

As you can see from the screen capture this councilor completed the story after the meeting of the 22nd Nov.

On the 23rd Nov. all Community Centres agreed to sign the lease agreements except Powis Community Centre. Powis did not agree to sign because they had been given false information and betrayal by the Inchgarth Community Centre who had suggested to all Community Centres that it was not in their best interest to sign.

This councilor obviously knew about these arrangements and what the final outcome was going to be before the 22nd, including the £50,000 windfall. so the idea that he filled in a story about the 22nd meeting injustices after it was completed proves that he is leading his constituents up the garden path.

Did this councilor help in his advisory capacity to encourage or coax the other five centres within his ward to apply their bids for this £50,000 to make their “Dreams come true for their own Communities”. All the Centres mentioned above should be asking if this was decided anyway.

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