The people of Aberdeen are truly shocked at the actions of the Aberdeen Airport Trust fund for awarding £50,000 for inchgarths second Internet cafe and a peggys cafe mark 2 and redecorating the reception area that was said to be done only 6 months ago.

Not only that but hundreds of local groups and charities also took part in this process and must be asking if they will ever do so again.

How can any organisation get it so wrong unless other hidden factors were at work here?

The criteria for this once in a life time exercise was very strict, yet inchgarth already has a cafe called Peggys and earns at least £40,000 PA from it and now they are getting money towards getting another cafe on property that they pay no rates, rent or tax and belongs to Aberdeen City Council for which its lease runs out in 6 weeks!!!









Inchgarth already runs an internet cafe now they are getting money to build another in the main corridor which may break health and safety regulations and no one has even bothered to ask if they will get permissions for such a thing!!!



This is what groups had to provide to be in the running for the £50,000

The central grant making charity BAA Communities Trust, which provides the funding to support Aberdeen Airport’s charitable work, has released a special round of cash and local community groups or charities are being invited to apply, explaining exactly what they would do with £50,000 to make a community dream come true.

The best of the North-east projects will be picked and taken forward to a meeting of the main board of Trustees, for an independent final decision on which project qualifies to scoop the massive cheque.

Sarah Campbell chairs the Airport Community Panel and explained some of the selection criteria. “The Aberdeen panel tend to favour projects that have strong environmental, employment or educational benefits”

“The more innovative your ideas the better. We want to hear about detailed one-off initiatives that this donation could help fund or support, really taking the opportunity to make a dream come true for your users or your community.”

Charities and groups can email Aberdeen_communityfund@baa.com

Its obvious to most people this process was not carried out correctly because how is the re-branding of existing inchgarth programmes make a dream come true for your users of this community? If some parts of Aberdeen already has these facilities why would they get even more money have it all over again makes no sense at all!

Further what assurances was given that the inchgarth management committee would still be there after the centres leases run out on the 31st of January 2013?

Which local councillors was involved in this process?

Did any councillors past or present declare any interest that they were closely linked past or present with inchgarth?

Inchgarth is not a charity?

What happens if ACC reject amy of these plans will the money have to be returned to the ABERDEEN AIRPORT TRUST FUND?

Was Aberdeen Airport Trust aware that inchgarth has refused entry to their leased premisses of HMIE inspectors for years and given this how could they ensure it was going to have as they say educational benefits if no one is allowed to test them past, present or Future?

ABERDEEN AIRPORT TRUST FUND gave £50,000 to make a dream come true to a centre that already had it, briliant stuff we bet other local charities will be loving this idea, not!

We know other groups and charities are spitting mad but to scared to say it openly in fear of not getting funding in the future but to stop this happening again you need to voice your concerns provately below in our comments page?