Happy New Year Same Old Inchgarth.

Happy New Year Same Old Inchgarth.

As we say our festive cheer and goodwill to our fellow man and Brothers, we in the corrupt capital of Scotland leave this year and enter the new year 2013 in the same way we left 2012.

It seems the old inchgarth crew has learned nothing at all in 2012, we thought with all the reverse policies and back sliding you would think their manager and political friends would at least do the right thing and stop lying to the people of Aberdeen but alas it looks like we will have to endure more of the same.

Remember the statement on the inchgarth website on the 25th of November.



We said its lies, guess what, inchgarth has failed to inform building control, its true they require no planning consent from the council but the still need to issue full plans to building control maybe they are scared in-case we check them out and find the smoking gun and we will most certainly look for one!

The real problem here is one of the councillors who does inchgarths bidding on a regular basis just so happened to berate local business bosses for refusing to do the right thing and register their licenced premisses on time yet he was there when inchgarth said they were going to start building works in around two weeks time, nothing like double standards and councillors why the get ignored?

International Scotland staff would like to wish all of our thousands of website visitors a happy new year from your Scottish based web masters here in the North East of Scotland.