We are sorry to break the inchgath bubble but we learned yesterday that inchgarth community centre was to receive £50,000 for a one off project!

We are very shocked at this news because inchgarth must have known prior to their now totally discredited anti council dispute that no leased centres will ever sign the new management agreements only for them to storm out at 10pm on the 22nd November and then at 8am beg to sign it after all!

It also means the NO campaign was always doomed for failure but inchgarth was hoping they could put enough pressure on the council using other centres as human shields to gain a better deal for themselves just like we warned all leased centres would happen, the question other centres must ask is how many knew inchgarth was in line to get the £50,000 windfall and would they still get it if inchgarth was not controlled by Polly or his IMC?

Now we all know why they wanted to keep the funding details secret till after the 22nd meeting.

The said funding selection criteria is also very strange for inchgarth to be awarded anything at all.

The Aberdeen panel tend to favour projects that have strong environmental, employment or educational benefits” she said. “The more innovative your ideas the better. We want to hear about detailed one-off initiatives that this donation could help fund or support, really taking the opportunity to make a dream come true for your users or your community.”

We know inchgarth has failed on HMIE inspections because education inspectors are not allowed entry period…lol

We know the failed on environmental issues because they refused council workmen in to survey for solar panels…lol

We know no one in inchgarth is employed apart from the obvious…lol

We know none of the employees has any formal qualifications except the money guy!

So why did they get this windfall at all?

We hear from inchgarth they are opening up a new Internet cafe in the main corridor, what! Have they asked ACC for permission yet, their landlords?

What about fire regulations that would apply on health and safety concerns?

A homework club next they will be offering HND Management courses that their leaders knows plenty about?

Out of 51 community centres was this the best option, in six weeks time the centre maybe mothballed at worst!

People are already asking if this was a lib dem SNP deal to their old blue eyed pin up boy for services rendered from the last council administration?

Please remember the web is full of untruths and stories please decipher with care, if this is news to you you read it here first!