Latest Samsung Galaxy Over The Air Software Update.

Latest Samsung Galaxy Over The Air Software Update.




Three network and Samsung has just released the best xmas present ever for S2 users, as many of us was suffering from unstable handsets and USB charging problems are now a thing of the past.

The interface has had a slight improvement including message handling, missed calls and new contacts menus, internet connections now seem really quick.

Three months ago over the air software updates were failing to install but this has now been overcome.

The first part is around 100MB THE PHONE WILL INSTALL THIS FIRST!

When the S2 reboots it asks the user to install a further over the air update of 70MB the process takes around 30 mins if you use a WiFi connection.

The finished build according to my device is IMM76D.XWLPY


These two updates will repair the Samsung USB charging problem for good!

To do a software over-the-air update go to phone settings, then scrool to bottom of menu> About phone> Software update, that is it!

My device is now rock solid with no issues what so ever, well done Samsung and Three on a job well done!