New Inchgarth Cafe Mystery Deepens

New Inchgarth Cafe Mystery Deepens?

Many locals in Aberdeen are starting to learn it could only happen in Garthdee!
A few weeks ago we had the news that BAA had decided to award inchgarth CC £50,000 what they termed “making a communities dream come true” since then it appears no-one told the BAA board that decided which charity or group got this whacking huge cash injection that the community centre already had the best thriving cafe over all community centres within Aberdeen City and a comparatively unused Internet hub on site which incredibly, BAA have told us they went into fine detail during the bid process, if this is true why did they not know there was already a cafe which cost £55,000 to build and got its completion certificate in November 2012. so, from Nov 2012 the permissions were at long last granted after the cafe had run for years without permission and ultimately with technically zero public liability insurance for anyone entering that part of the building or visiting the recently legalised (Nov 2012) peggy’s cafe.(how does an insurance company differentiate between where insurance or public liability starts and where exactly it finishes?)  Before BAA awarded the monies was BAA aware of this prior to the 22nd of November?, if they were aware what reasons can they give for allowing yet another cafe to be built on the same site less than 50 feet away in the same building?
The second question is equally troubling inchgarth already had an Internet hub running for around two years, why did BAA decide inchgarth was the place to site yet another Internet hub 50 feet away from another new project, inchgarth will be in the Guinness book of records for having two cafes, and two internet hubs within 50 feet of each other and in the exact same building, incredible, it could only happen in Aberdeen/Garthdee!

Again BAA trust fund board failed to do their homework, Kaimhill School has a state of the art Internet Hub only 150 yards away which is not used fully and neither was inchgarths so why does the area require more terminals that may never be used? Repeat, never ever be used!
More over where does this satisfy their test of making dreams come true for the lucky recipients of the “50 grand giveaway” its now clear everyone knows what that means.

Inchgarth claimed on 23rd of November 2012 that the said works would start just prior to inchgarth signing the now historic (WE WONT SIGN – NO WAY) and new Aberdeen City Council Management Lease Agreement where certain inchgarth committee members blatantly engineered a smear and hate campaign against the leader of the ruling Labour Party administration. Around the same time it was agreed all community centres would bring hardship onto the political party in leadership but their bubble was deliberately burst by certain Inchgarth individuals towards  (WE WILL ALL SING TOGETHER OR NOT AT ALL) Powis CC in their time of need and putting up the white flag of surrender 10 hours later telling other centres they were on their own this website attempted to warn these centres about the dirty tricks brigade which encouraged us to fore-warn other centres that this was exactly how it was going to end because we knew in advance inchgarth was in danger of losing this funding but we now know they told no-one else about it, why? Would it not be in support of other centres if Inchgarth had already decided to share their good fortune and divide it equally amongst all centres, if not why not? other centres are just as deserving if not more deserving as many of these centres do not have a peggy’s cafe equivalent.

We can tell our readers no works will start at inchgarth before the lease agreement is signed because inchgarth has not even requested a building warrant from the council and when they do it will still take at least 8-12 weeks minimum to start building works so you have ask why they said last week work will start next month ( if work starts it again will be against the rules of the lease centre and Aberdeen City Council) was as we said last week this was designed to blackmail elected councillors into getting a better lease deal and putting pressure on them with a fifty grand giveaway at risk all very questionable practices and certainly rocks the moral boat?

Given there was already a cafe earning £40,000++ pa and an underused internet cafe/hub already in use in both inchgarth and kaimhill cc why did BAA think this project deserved its support where the model was already in place that this 50 grand could not have been better spent in say the other end of the city has many groups and charities wondering why they put so much effort and time into their own “creating a dream come true for our service users”?

We did ask BAA TRUST FUND for a comment and they have confirmed to us they will be watching developments very closely at every step of the way at inchgarth as will be ourselves, we can wait to see the plans blueprints at ACC building control and when its finally finished (peggys mark1 took 2 years) see how its transformed the centre or turned its users off, we sincerely hope its a success as will BAA!!!


Please remember the web is full of untruths and stories please decipher with care, if this is news to you you read it here first!