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While attending a funeral today I was approached and told on no uncertain terms that Polly the Wally is not the leader of inchgarth but his long term partner Andy Pandy, we have been told he is the real brains of the outfit and the person behind the successful Aberdeen Airport 50 grand giveaway bid and does most of the planning at inchgarth behind the scenes.

Our source pointed us to the STV News where this quote was given on the 23 rd of November and in an interview there he said; “I got an MBE, but it was just my face on the stamp.” So that’s what he meant he did’nt really deserve it, it was all down to other peoples efforts, NO SURPRISE THERE THEN!

So that means Andy Pandy will be next to get his MBE and maybe a Burgess award just for good measure we wish him well, hes a nice lad really although he”ll have his work cut out trying to get his cry baby buddy under some sort of control.






The people of Aberdeen are truly shocked at the actions of the Aberdeen Airport Trust fund for awarding £50,000 for inchgarths second Internet cafe and a peggys cafe mark 2 and redecorating the reception area that was said to be done only 6 months ago.

Not only that but hundreds of local groups and charities also took part in this process and must be asking if they will ever do so again.

How can any organisation get it so wrong unless other hidden factors were at work here?

The criteria for this once in a life time exercise was very strict, yet inchgarth already has a cafe called Peggys and earns at least £40,000 PA from it and now they are getting money towards getting another cafe on property that they pay no rates, rent or tax and belongs to Aberdeen City Council for which its lease runs out in 6 weeks!!!









Inchgarth already runs an internet cafe now they are getting money to build another in the main corridor which may break health and safety regulations and no one has even bothered to ask if they will get permissions for such a thing!!!



This is what groups had to provide to be in the running for the £50,000

The central grant making charity BAA Communities Trust, which provides the funding to support Aberdeen Airport’s charitable work, has released a special round of cash and local community groups or charities are being invited to apply, explaining exactly what they would do with £50,000 to make a community dream come true.

The best of the North-east projects will be picked and taken forward to a meeting of the main board of Trustees, for an independent final decision on which project qualifies to scoop the massive cheque.

Sarah Campbell chairs the Airport Community Panel and explained some of the selection criteria. “The Aberdeen panel tend to favour projects that have strong environmental, employment or educational benefits”

“The more innovative your ideas the better. We want to hear about detailed one-off initiatives that this donation could help fund or support, really taking the opportunity to make a dream come true for your users or your community.”

Charities and groups can email

Its obvious to most people this process was not carried out correctly because how is the re-branding of existing inchgarth programmes make a dream come true for your users of this community? If some parts of Aberdeen already has these facilities why would they get even more money have it all over again makes no sense at all!

Further what assurances was given that the inchgarth management committee would still be there after the centres leases run out on the 31st of January 2013?

Which local councillors was involved in this process?

Did any councillors past or present declare any interest that they were closely linked past or present with inchgarth?

Inchgarth is not a charity?

What happens if ACC reject amy of these plans will the money have to be returned to the ABERDEEN AIRPORT TRUST FUND?

Was Aberdeen Airport Trust aware that inchgarth has refused entry to their leased premisses of HMIE inspectors for years and given this how could they ensure it was going to have as they say educational benefits if no one is allowed to test them past, present or Future?

ABERDEEN AIRPORT TRUST FUND gave £50,000 to make a dream come true to a centre that already had it, briliant stuff we bet other local charities will be loving this idea, not!

We know other groups and charities are spitting mad but to scared to say it openly in fear of not getting funding in the future but to stop this happening again you need to voice your concerns provately below in our comments page?



Aberdeen Airport Trust Challenge Fund for 2012.

Aberdeen Airport Trust Challenge Fund for 2012.

Aberdeen Airport Trust Challenge Fund for 2012.

Local charities and community centres will be in total shock today given the news release from the STV at 6.30 am today.

£50,000 Is to be given to inchgarth for a pot of paint, computers moved from one old computer room out into the main corridor a clear breach of health and safety rules and a homework club that will cost peanuts to run if anyone even turns up. A homework club? I wonder who’s brainchild this one was – the homework club name itself will have youngsters ducking for cover. Will it be mothballed the same as the questionable cuddle room?

Apparently there was thousands of entries you have to think they spent long hours putting their bids together and now they find out all they had to do was put a bid in for a lick of paint, move computers from one place to another and offer school leavers more of the same and bobs your uncle here’s 50 grand, someones having a laugh here!

This is crazy, do they know inchgarth might not even be here in 6 weeks time, are they aware Polly claimed last week he has been offered a redundancy package, will this money be used for that purpose, BAA was not even aware of any of these facts!

It now turns out inchgarth never told any of the centres involved in the NO CAMPAIGN they were getting these funds even though inchgarth claimed they were in line to get a cash injection ages ago and to get it it had to be for a centre within the bid process, these centres are looking really stupid now as we all told them this was going to happen.

If inchgarth can’t agree terms with ACC what happens to this fund?

Would the funds not be better spent on a group who has no outstanding centre property issues?

BAA wanted a single issue project this is three if not more what benefit can be gained from it exactly?

Inchgarth already has a cafe? Incharth already has an Internet hub? Inchgarth can’t run a homework club for obvious reasons and in any case has not asked ACC permission for these things to happen after all they are the landlords.

We ask again what benefits will the community gain from a re-branding exercise?

Why did they get the money before they got the correct planning permissions was this for blackmailing Councillors into backing his plans and making the council look bad, lets get this straight he gets money first before he applies for permission because this is the normal at inchgarth when everyone else abides by the rule of law if everyone else did the same any responsible council would collapse in weeks, this called anarchy in a small scale and its a simple case of cart before the planning  horse!

update; This is a moving story of epic diementions, it seems a Mr Renuolds was once the man who tried to get inchgarth to takeover kaimhill funds and just so happens to be on the board that decided to allocate the said £50,000 for a removal in house and pot of paint job, why was this allowed?

All groups who took part in this process has the right to see detailed costings on what inchgarth proposes or how can this be deemed to be fair and correct?




What is your thoughts on this award, is it value for money?

Just put in your contact details in the comments below no-one else will see it apart from this admin team



Inchgarth Community Centre in Aberdeen has received a record donation of £50,000 as the winner of the Aberdeen Airport Trust Challenge Fund for 2012.

The money has been identified as a means of regenerating a major part of the centre, building a new cafe, homework and meeting zone, and improving the reception area, in what is already one of the city’s busiest community hubs.

The Garthdee-based facility was chosen as the winner of what is known as the “50k give-away”, following a rigorous selection process which saw a record number of applications.

The judging panel was looking for a project or detailed one-off initiative, which took the opportunity to make a dream come true for the community.

Sarah Campbell, the chair of the Community Panel, said: “We are all looking forward to seeing the changes taking shape and watching while the surrounding communities really start to feel the benefits of this award.”

Her positivity was echoed by the Inchgarth centre manager, Paul O’Connor, who was recently involved in a dispute with Aberdeen City Council over the signing of a new lease.

He said: “This is the single largest donation which any company has given our community centre, maybe even any Aberdeen community centre – and it is amongst the largest donations to a charitable organisation in the city this year.

“It will make a long-lasting difference and change many lives and we cannot express our thanks strongly enough to the Airport Community Panel.”

Work is due to begin on the Inchgarth venture at the start of 2013.



Donald Trump and Alan Sugar are having a bun fight on Twitter.
Yep! it had to happen, Trump and Sugar, two power happy guys no longer living in the real world arguing about nothing important and causing the news media to report it. It has been said many times that ANY publicity is good publicity, try watching this video before you read further and see what their game is;
To add to this thread is not about the bun fight above but something else much more disturbing is happening, and that is TRUMP is asking people to stop buying a certain type of Scottish goods.
Only a few weeks ago TRUMP was attempting to incite the people of America to march on the American capital and complain about their political beliefs, after all he had considered himself fit and able to apply to “The United States of America” to be considered for a presidential candidate, so I expect he thought he must be right, how could he possibly be wrong if he considers himself fit to apply for a presidential candidacy.
The disturbing point is that a gentleman was awarded the top Scot award from a particular manufacturer in Scotland and because Mr Trump did not think this gentleman deserved the award he considered he had the right to again speak out about the injustice of someone being awarded this top honour which had been awarded from the manufacturer via the Scottish voting people. Does this mean he knows better than the Scottish people of what awards are needed in their own country? Well he must think this as he is telling everyone to boycot that particular company.
I expect he will be complaining about a windfarm or something similar next!



We are sorry to break the inchgath bubble but we learned yesterday that inchgarth community centre was to receive £50,000 for a one off project!

We are very shocked at this news because inchgarth must have known prior to their now totally discredited anti council dispute that no leased centres will ever sign the new management agreements only for them to storm out at 10pm on the 22nd November and then at 8am beg to sign it after all!

It also means the NO campaign was always doomed for failure but inchgarth was hoping they could put enough pressure on the council using other centres as human shields to gain a better deal for themselves just like we warned all leased centres would happen, the question other centres must ask is how many knew inchgarth was in line to get the £50,000 windfall and would they still get it if inchgarth was not controlled by Polly or his IMC?

Now we all know why they wanted to keep the funding details secret till after the 22nd meeting.

The said funding selection criteria is also very strange for inchgarth to be awarded anything at all.

The Aberdeen panel tend to favour projects that have strong environmental, employment or educational benefits” she said. “The more innovative your ideas the better. We want to hear about detailed one-off initiatives that this donation could help fund or support, really taking the opportunity to make a dream come true for your users or your community.”

We know inchgarth has failed on HMIE inspections because education inspectors are not allowed entry period…lol

We know the failed on environmental issues because they refused council workmen in to survey for solar panels…lol

We know no one in inchgarth is employed apart from the obvious…lol

We know none of the employees has any formal qualifications except the money guy!

So why did they get this windfall at all?

We hear from inchgarth they are opening up a new Internet cafe in the main corridor, what! Have they asked ACC for permission yet, their landlords?

What about fire regulations that would apply on health and safety concerns?

A homework club next they will be offering HND Management courses that their leaders knows plenty about?

Out of 51 community centres was this the best option, in six weeks time the centre maybe mothballed at worst!

People are already asking if this was a lib dem SNP deal to their old blue eyed pin up boy for services rendered from the last council administration?

Please remember the web is full of untruths and stories please decipher with care, if this is news to you you read it here first!


State of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Roads.

State of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Roads.


Yesterday saw most parts of Aberdeen grind to a standstill because roads bosses in central Aberdeen failed to deal with overnight snowfalls.

They managed this feat because they had no gritters out at all, that’s right of the thirty gritters at their disposal no gritters left their depot’s till 8 am yesterday morning one or two did work out of the tullos depot we think but with the size of Aberdeen’s road network this is quite frighting and disturbing news.

A total of 16 first buses got stuck yesterday not the 8 that was reported by the local rag in an attempt to hoodwink the local public that things were not as bad as some may have claimed in other words damage limitation but be rest assured we at International Scotland are well informed about mostly everything!

So here we have roads bosses failing in their duty to clear roads despite weather warnings and if that was not bad enough most school runs in Aberdeen have still not been gritted by 7 am today with the sub zero temperatures last night it follows heads should roll, there’s no excuse other than we have huge stockpiles of rock salt but no money to pay for drivers to be delivering it, something has to be done as the snow was only 2 inches deep yet Angus council had all its gritters out and we had virtually none, what’s going on and the local rag needs to start telling the truth locally rather than trying to manage bad news!


City Community Centres Failed in Dispute Campaign

City Community Centres Failed in Dispute Campaign



Inchgarth leader guilty as charged for failing to support Powis when it was in its greatest need!
Support Aberdeen Community Centres
Folks the council votes to evict 7 centres on Thursday , then another 20plus centres in February . On Monday night a meeting of centres was held, if the council evict one they evict every centre. They stand as one. We meet councillors today, let us see what a new day brings . Tomorrow they vote and the people of every community are watching , a city is watching and the tsunami of public fury will be massive. Councillors, support your communities and city, do not destroy it!
The above was a statement released by inchgarth on the 21st issuing a threat to ACC their would be fury even if one centre closed down Powis did and the rest capitulated just like inchgarth MC.
These seven centres were threatening there would be a public outcry yet the people of Aberdeen never even noticed anything which proves the moral of this episode is community centres are not as well thought about as community centre leaders think in other words no one gives a stuff, on the other side inchgarth creates a facebook page and online petition with nearly 300 voting the lease agreements should not be signed under any circumstances, what happens the guy causing all the trouble in the first place surrenders on the first chance without gaining one thing in return from the council.
Just why the council is not taking sanctions against these ring leaders id quite frankly shocking and disgusting and further action should be taken in this regard.
Its a good job castle gate got rid of its stocks and hanging man years ago…lol
The sites failed in its objectives so why are they still alive and asking for more votes?
Why was Martin Griegs comments removed?
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