Scotland’s Top Story in December 2012.

Scotland’s Top Story in December 2012.


Scotland’s Top Story in December 2012.



International Scotland’s top story in December was the annoucement that inchgarth was to get a 50,000 pound giveaway xmas present for a new peggy’s cafe and new internet hub mark 2, if they sign the new lease agreement failing that at least the inchgarth managent committee knows there’s enough dosh to pay their manager off if he decides to walk away as was reported on the 23rd December by the STV Media outlet!

The second most popular hit was our secret story that was a special message we did hear at the time many Scottish council workers past and present was falling of their chairs with utter laughter and people who were not aware soon was and given the many referred pages from local government servers most of the council visted that story all this month.

Just out of interest our top story in November was when Polly got found out he could not be trusted by other leased centres in Aberdeen when he lead his numpties up the hill and came tumbling down with a bang and where the current council knew they had him and his merry men  in their sights produced over 590 website visitors on one day.

The site had over 457 visitors per day on average in what is a slow web trafficing month we are very pleased as before we cleaned out the website of old stories we averaged nearly 1200 visitors a day but that had over 170 pages so we think by next Feb we will be back to normal.

We had over 17,000 visitors to the site this month over 3000 was new and have already returned for more of the same, we thank-you!

It also seems inchgarth is a very popular subject for our readership and we are happy to report more stories if and when they become available…?

We wish all our readers and visitors a happy new year from all the staff of International Scotland website.