Aberdeen Leased Centres to Sign New Management Agreements.

Aberdeen Leased Centres to Sign New Management Agreements.


As we reported two months ago and to which inchgarth called us liars the unthinkable is about to happen next Tuesday all leased centres thats was due to sign new agreements by the 31st of this month will now sign as stated on this site as previously indicated without any of these centres winning anything at all, in other words their campaigns against the labour administration was a complete and total failure!

Polly the wally stated on his hate facebook campaign none of the centres would sign, we said they would and now they are, classic case of falsehood not bad for an MBE holder!

Of course we now eagerly awaiting the news the HMIE will be inspecting inchgarth ASP something inchgarth was trying to avoid for years…lol

The new agreement gives the council huge powers to go into every facite of the secret life of all leased centres like never before.

One of the first questions will now be the fact inchgarth said all internal works would be covered by the council if this is indeed true why is it that inchgarth is to use funding from the BAA/Aberdeen International trust funding of £50,000 awarded last year when clearly it should be the council funding any such repairs themselves surely there can be better projects for these funds to be used for, it was meant to be for creating dreams for the local community not relaying floors however inchgarth is becoming experts of lying many types of flooring these days.


Many of the leased centres supporters including first choices chairman Mr David Forbes, spoke out last year against inchgarth signing this new agreement stating leased centres would be crazy to except or sign them, what is his and charities position now, is he dismayed the campaign he lead on behalf of his friends at inchgarth has now turned on its head just like we warned him it would, will he now reflect on this awful subject and look to move away from the people who lead him up a garden path to no-where?

Mr Forbes and others may have been naive but he cant say we never warned him and others that inchgarth and other centres had no choice but sign or close down.

Does he now feel he was being used by others for an agenda he and others were not being made fully aware of?

Others including Create Aberdeen workers also felt the same way, what are their thoughts now, do they feel the same way, does others feel they have been betrayed over all centres capitulations and bow to the will of the council?

If its news to you you read it here first!