HELENA TORRY FOUND INNOCENT! alias a mannequin dummy – the courts decided yesterday that there was no case to answer.

It must be the Aberdeenshire air that is bringing out the crazyness in these “more than my jobsworth” fraternity. This is the second day of reporting unbelievable comedy stories all manufactured within Aberdeenshire.

A local Lady obviously got so browned off with the Aberdeen voting system that she decided to enter a tailors dummy into the local elections (nobody says exactly how many votes it got?), seemingly it was not her intentions to demean the electoral process but someone was enraged enough to dig out a “Representation of the people Act”, which could have cost her six months in jail if she had been found guilty.

This has to be one of the worst instances of wasting public monies possible and adds to yesterdays moments of madness within Aberdeenshire.

As things usually happen in threes, watch out for the next fiasco!