International Scotland Right Again.

International Scotland Right Again.

inchgarth sign new lease deal but only for ten years Capture



Did we not tell you so!

Yes we did, we said it HERE, THERE and EVERYWHERE!

OK no more gloating, but we did say Polly and his inchgarth crew were going to sign this new agreement last year and again this year but we were called liars by the same now totally discredited people and its little wonder they waited two days later to announce this news because they have only got it forĀ 10 years when they said they would only do it if they got what they wanted and that included an 15 year minimum term.

So after all the shouting, we not signing nothing gov, they capitulated just like we said the would, I think Polly owes us and our loyal readers an apology?

As you can see from the above they don’t seem very happy do they?

It might be because of what they left out of the above statement, has Polly resigned as chairman of the inchgarth management committee?, as was part of the said new agreements, when will the HMIE be coming into the centre to carry out the first education assessment in their history?, of course Polly might now say we don’t do educational programmes, try telling that to BAA after getting their 50 grand giveaway donation for providing their imaginery and now fluid and changeable Inchgarth plans.

Inchgarth claims they are moving forward this may be true but not with other leased centres they all think they have been betrayed by inchgarth and they may be right, inchgarth tried to bully elected council members in the labour party and came unstuck, and even now Polly defies the council by offering children’s parties with not 1 but 2 bouncy castles available for hire, not bad since the council have warned about future uses and the fact you need special operators licences which according to the HSE inchgarth don’t have either that or special bouncy castle insurance cover which the council has said won’t be covered by them in the future, so please check the insurance details and make sure your children and their friends are safe before considering booking them please!