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People in Scotland will no longer be charged for calling NHS 24 after April 2014 when the existing number will be replaced by 111.


The current cost to call NHS 24 from a BT landline is the price of a local phone call, with calls from other landline service providers and mobile providers often costing more.


SNP MSP Mark McDonald, who sits on the Scottish Parliament’s Health Committee, said:


“This is fantastic news that will see people continue to receive the same high-quality service from NHS 24 without being charged.


“NHS 24 is designed to help people get the right care, from the right people, at the right time. Staff at NHS 24 have been providing effective telephone support to the people of Scotland for the past decade, taking 1.5million calls every year.


“It is a fundamental principle of the SNP that our health service should be free at the point of contact – and the introduction of this number will ensure that is the case when people seek advice from NHS 24.


“The impact of introducing this free number could extend past easing the burden of people having to pay for it, as we could also see fewer people misusing 999 and accident and emergency.


“This is yet another step the SNP is taking to make our health service more user-friendly. With patient care safer than ever, we must continue this hard work and ensure our health service continues to go from strength to strength.”


Robert Burns true photo

Robert Burns – Scotland’s Son







ROBERT BURNS EXPOSED tonight on STV (Scottish Television) and experts have at long last rebuilt what Robert Burns actually looked like.

The show will repeat again on STV on that special Robert Burns day when many people all over the World will attend their regional Burns Supper’s on the usual date of the 25th January.

The documentary is well researched and it uncovers facts which may not be aware to many people. If you are a Robert Burns fan it’s well worth watching.

Aberdeen’s Latest Gossip

Aberdeen’s Latest Gossip

Welcome to Aberdeen’s latest Gossip page where we let our readers get the heads up in any new development that may at sometime in the future impact on their lives then again it could be just a load of crap.

First story this week actually came to our news desk last week but we have only just been able to stop the laughing out loud caper and we waited till we heard it from a different source.

Have you heard the gossip about an City organisation is on the look out for a new head of service, we hope they don’t spend to much on advertising the post as certain City leaders and local politicians have already ID’ed the person they want to take over this high profile post, apparently its because this person is very good at fund raising and that’s why this person is in such high demand?

Our information leads us to say this person does not require any further qualifications for this job offer or if they feel the need to apply which is just as well because our information says this person has no formal qualifications anyway!

We can’t say who it is in case we have another fit of the laughter’s like before, all we can say we told you so.

It must be stated that if this gossip is in fact true the people of Aberdeen can rejoice and acclaim “your right it could only happen here in Aberdeen”!

Trump Golf Scotland.

Trump Golf Scotland.

It seems the first of Scotland’s winter storms has ripped into Trumps number 4 hole as the linked picture shows;

new golf course hazard for players at trump golf scotland picture



Many local residents tried to warn Donald about this danger but was totally ignored because the Donald knows better, not!

It does not take a genius to work out taking on the nature of natural sand dunes there will be only one winner, NATURE no matter how much dosh you throw at it!

Our advice is to stay off the dunes and stay on the firm land behind them, that’s what all the other golf clubs along the coast has done for hundreds of years because they know what they are doing!

Hopefully the second course designers will learn these important lessons and this website sorry the old one said so at the time!

New Council Management Agreements.

New Council Management Agreements.


On the eve of the New Aberdeen Council Leased centre Management Agreements we thought we would give our readers a little time to reflect on the main players who have caused the most trouble for zero benefits that being one Polly the wally fae garthdee.

He was the main trouble maker along with his political friends from the local lib dems/ SNP, WHO SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER?

For over a year polly kicked and screamed he was not signing the new agreement unless it was on his terms and his terms only, what he feared most was giving the council full powers to tell them what they wanted not what they had been allowed to get away with for years, they were so scared they even resorted to facebook hate campaigns and promised other centres to stand as one but even this strategy failed when one of the leased centres jumped ship leaving the rest floundering on the rocks its was capitulation time or game over!

Tomorrow we have been told by our inside sources which there are now many that leased centres are going to do what this site always said they would do, they are going to sign the new leased agreements.

They have got nothing they wanted no matter how they wish to dress it up, taking on the administration was a very bad idea but Polly always comes up smelling of roses and he will sign tomorrow of course it must be said that although their leader will take centre stage its his poor committee that will be taking on future liabilities not Polly himself and he confirmed this on his facebook page last year, this is what he said and we quote from the 2nd Oct 2012 ”

Paul Poc Lesley, thank you for the nice comments. Don’t worry, it won’t be people like your group that has to raise the money for these repairs, it will be my volunteers on my committee, who cannot sign up to that. (but they are about to) Your group are so welcome to use the centre and we will fight tooth and nail to ensure this madness is never accepted. Lesley, unless fairness and common sense prevails then a battle is coming and we will rely on everyone who cares about justice and community to fight for the futures of centres. Volunteers cannot sign, it’s not that we do not want to, it’s that we cannot be burdened this way or burden future committees in this manner. They would look back and wonder what kind of fool accepted the extraordinary burden of having to raise money to fix council owned buildings.”(inchgarth management committee is about to)
Polly said it not us!!!
The last part really sums this person up and the truth is he was right!
We have never said this idea was correct, in fact we have said we don’t think it should have even been entered into!
All that’s happened here is inchgarth lost the plot completely and their own greed sealed theirs and their fellow leased centres fate but its OK for Polly hes safe knowing hes covered, fully protected as he is an employee and the new agreements forbid him from being both the committee chairman and centre manager at the same time so no prizes for guessing which title he will dropping tomorrow when he fulfils his last committees duty!
Who was it who said this again, “They would look back and wonder what kind of fool accepted the extraordinary burden of having to raise money to fix council owned buildings.”
Well it wont apply to Polly will it but bet he still takes the credit, typical stuff really!!!
Result is Aberdeen City Council and officials win and tomorrow when the fat lady sings sheds of people putting in a raft of FOI requests that will have to be answered due to the nature of these new management agreements they fought so hard to keep out and for good reason!
Plans/Costings/new floor repairs for new cafe first on the list we think?
*****Please remember the web is full of untruths and stories please decipher with care, if this is news to you, then you read it here first!

Aberdeen Leased Centres to Sign New Management Agreements.

Aberdeen Leased Centres to Sign New Management Agreements.


As we reported two months ago and to which inchgarth called us liars the unthinkable is about to happen next Tuesday all leased centres thats was due to sign new agreements by the 31st of this month will now sign as stated on this site as previously indicated without any of these centres winning anything at all, in other words their campaigns against the labour administration was a complete and total failure!

Polly the wally stated on his hate facebook campaign none of the centres would sign, we said they would and now they are, classic case of falsehood not bad for an MBE holder!

Of course we now eagerly awaiting the news the HMIE will be inspecting inchgarth ASP something inchgarth was trying to avoid for years…lol

The new agreement gives the council huge powers to go into every facite of the secret life of all leased centres like never before.

One of the first questions will now be the fact inchgarth said all internal works would be covered by the council if this is indeed true why is it that inchgarth is to use funding from the BAA/Aberdeen International trust funding of £50,000 awarded last year when clearly it should be the council funding any such repairs themselves surely there can be better projects for these funds to be used for, it was meant to be for creating dreams for the local community not relaying floors however inchgarth is becoming experts of lying many types of flooring these days.


Many of the leased centres supporters including first choices chairman Mr David Forbes, spoke out last year against inchgarth signing this new agreement stating leased centres would be crazy to except or sign them, what is his and charities position now, is he dismayed the campaign he lead on behalf of his friends at inchgarth has now turned on its head just like we warned him it would, will he now reflect on this awful subject and look to move away from the people who lead him up a garden path to no-where?

Mr Forbes and others may have been naive but he cant say we never warned him and others that inchgarth and other centres had no choice but sign or close down.

Does he now feel he was being used by others for an agenda he and others were not being made fully aware of?

Others including Create Aberdeen workers also felt the same way, what are their thoughts now, do they feel the same way, does others feel they have been betrayed over all centres capitulations and bow to the will of the council?

If its news to you you read it here first!



PUBLIC ACCOUNTS COMMITTEE HOOK LOAN SHARKS during questions before the Public Accounts Committee.
I ask you, can this be legal, ie; 4,200% interest per year if you get a loan from WONGA, that’s the one with the weird puppets on TV. and they have dealt with over a million loans over five years.

WONGA have been highlighted about chasing loans up from people who are having difficulty paying what they owe? At 4,200% annual interest and the present economic situation there’s little wonder people are finding themselves being threatened with debt collection agencies.

Let’s put this into perspective; If you borrowed £100 and left it for a year before paying it back then that £100 would have mushroomed into an unbelievable £4200.
Henry Raine, Wonga’s head of regulatory affairs told Yahoo news media that WONGA customers earn around £20,000 and the average first time loan is around £180 but the average size of loan for all customers is £257.

Stella Creasey, the Labour MP seems to be at present the only MP concerned about these companies who are willing to profit on people’s hardship with these unbeleivable % rates. A couple of other MP’s have voiced their opinions in one of our earlier reports on these legalised loan sharks.

Our opinion; we reported this story some time ago so this was destined to happen and unfortunately there will be many more after the latest government plans to force poor people into this borrowing cul-de-sac. As long as these loan sharks with criminal percentage% rates which are not governed and controlled by realistic and proper rules and regulations then we can expect many more people who have no chance of meeting their original committments.

You can read further by going HERE, and reading some of the general comments from the public voices.



HORSE MEAT FED TO UK CITIZENS and although quite normal in many other countries U.K. and it’s love of horses the British have resisted actually eating them knowingly. Tests found horse DNA in the following products: Tesco Everyday Value Beef Burgers 29.1%, Tesco Beef Quarter Pounders 0.1%, Oakhurst Beef Burgers in Aldi 0.3%, Moordale Quarter Pounders in Lidl 0.1%, Flamehouse Chargrilled Quarter Pounders in Dunnes Stores 0.1%, and two varieties of Iceland Quarter Pounders 0.1%. As well as horse there tests also found pig so this will have detrimental effects on different forms of religeon.

What we should be asking ourselves is; How long has horse meat been part of our diet? Is there other foodstuffs out there with a big question mark over them? It’s worth remembering it’s not so long ago we were being fed meat from strange creatures from Africa advertised as 100% meat, the problem was what kind of meat?

I think it has been proven we cannot trust anything we read on packages or wrapping as it seems as though selling at any cost is worth the risk except to the consumer who is completely in the dark about these money grabbing methods of selling. It’s little wonder there are strange and mysterious new illnesses sprouting up everywhere.

With confidence in the government at an all time low perhaps it’s about time legislation was introduced to tighten the rules and regulations concerning the foodstuffs being sold as safe and non contaminated before we all get wiped out by another unknown disease.

You have to ask yourself; nearly a third of each Tesco Everyday Value Beef Burgers are horsemeat so those who produced and sold these must be fully aware of this including Tesco or it would not have passed their ,

“Stringent Tests”
What do you think?


GAY GAMES FOR ENGLAND – homosexual and lesbians have been pushed to the forefront of segregation towards heteresexuals with the latest publicity hunters Boris J and U.K.’s Prime Minister Cameron backing the so called “Gay Games” for London in 2018.
I say segregation simply because the gay community have employed all sort of means to get recognition of their sexuality within the population, but the name “Gay Games”, probably another hairbrained scheme from the U.S.A. will undoubtedly cause grief in the U.K. as more and more pennies are being squandered into MP’s (32% rise)greedy pay packets coupled with lunatic ideas.
Publicity seems to be the name of the game but the homosexual and lesbian community are obviously going to alienate themselves with many questions to be answered, for example if they hold in 2018 “Gay Game”, does this mean it’s only open to lesbians and homosexuals? or did the 2012 London Olympic Games bar homosexuals and lesbians? and to make it more obvious, will qualifications for entrants or competitors in the “Gay Games” bar transexuals?
Conclussion; the idea of “Gay Games”, will give nothing but grief for those lesbians and homosexuals who have tolerated bigotry and homophobia as it gives those with homophobia the ideal excuse to shout heterephobia.
More on this, can be read HERE, with many letters from the general public.

Best Place in the World to go Busking?

Best Place in the World to go Busking?


Only a few days ago this site decried the local Aberdeen City Councillors for coming up with a crap idea of making all buskers professional buskers, yes that’s right there was a better than good chance of professional buskers begging for money outside trumpties golf properties and the best site in central Aberdeen and no-one could do anything about it, including the Donald and he thinks he has problems with wind farms.

Buskers across the world are set to invade the streets of Aberdeen this year in the hope of getting the new and exclusive badge of honour all buskers can claim to fame, one of the first professional buskers ever, they can add it to their CV’s, frame it to their walls even sell it on ebay?

This is great at getting people into the city centre it will be like the Edinburgh festival only right through the year, the idea was to stop begging in the streets but where will all these professional beggars sorry buskers sleep?

Of course there is a few details to consider like if these buskers become professional buskers will they have to join the performing actors union or similar, will they have to pay tax on begging incomes the biggest questions are who will judge if they are good enough and if they make it who will get the prime spot at union terrace gardens UTG.

There’s a piper fae tilly there now he wont give it up lightly fight, fight!

About the only other place that tried this idea was in Dublin it was called approved street performer/s

Joking aside the council better take this story serious or don’t say we never told you so!

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