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Top website rankings CaptureWe wish to thank our many loyal website visitors for making International Scotland one of Aberdeen’s top Ranked and most trusted website in Northeast Scotland.

Yesterday we had over 1900 visitors most very very supportive, thankyou!

Last week we have had two Aberdeen centre exposes, first was the case of inchgarth over many months of advertising for Volunteers without telling those said potential candidates that the centre did not have disabled toilets or wheelchair access and even though the centre claims inchgarth has disabled toilets which we never ever said they had not, all we said was they were advertising for able bodied volunteers only as there was no effort to explain this fact in the said adverts which is true.

They then blamed ACVO for the mess but even today they still have not corrected the said confusing adverts, why?

The next biggest topic was inchgarth “charitable Association” claim where they claimed to be a registered charity during a PR event inside the said inchgarth centre on the evening of the 22nd of November 2012.

OSCR said they could not do anything because the comments were put on third party websites but had the went on the centres site/s that would have been actionable so it was wrong to put out information which is untrue they are not a registered charity and this has been proved because they have admitted that on this website, so the question remains why did they do it in the first place but it gets worse now anyone can claim they are an charity as long as its on third party websites all thanks to this centre’s actions.

The centre has used this site to openly abuse the disabled, fat people and anyone they feel like diagnosing with mental illnesses yet here they are promoting their centre as being a hub worthy of all of Scotland, double standards, please read the site yourselves?

Information is king, some who have it don’t want to share it for various reasons, our loyal readers know we ask searching questions of everyone that appears on this site without favour and as the traffic grows so will the call for answers, we will not let our resolve slip no matter the level of abuse, disability discrimination or bullying of whatever nature.

We thank our or readers for the huge amount of info released to us over the last few days it will take us a few weeks to sift through it but we will

This weeks news maybe worse and now the UK has lost its Triple AAA credit rating who knows what will come our way next!





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