As many of our readers will know we at international Scotland are blessed with a high moral code and have been investigating the BAA and Asda Charity donations made to the inchgarth community centre in 2012.

Asda head office has went to great lengths in telling us councillor Gordon Townson was not the middleman or had any contact with the bridge of dee store during or before this donation of £10,000 was made for a hall floor already laid and paid for according to various inchgarth reports.

As you can see from the above screen capture of the April 2012 Garthdee Community Council minutes which are part of the public record, it states that not only was there contact with asda there was in fact active contact and it was a joint exercise in cleaning up litter.

All very noble and we are not attacking Mr Townson at all but just what Asda are up to defies belief, unless its a simple case of the local store management telling its Scottish head office staff porkies!

Asda head office told International Scotland there was no contact, none at all but unless we found the proof there was direct contact no one would be any the wiser but now we have found a smoking gun what if anything has Asda Scotland got to say about it now?

We have heard inchgarth is not happy that we found out the true cost according to them is £17000 why they kept this figure secret when they were publicly trying to raise funds surprises most people but even more surprising is the fact Inchgarth claimed at the time it was unrepairable and needed replaced but we now know the Aberdeen council who own Inchgarth were not even asked to inspect it and if they had and found that floor to be repairable it would have cost the centre nothing at all which begs the question why relay a whole new floor to begin with?

Was asda made aware of these facts?

Who applied for the donation?

What involvement did any of the local councillors have in this £10,000 donation?

Why did the local store management say Mr Townson was the donations middle man if it was untrue?

When was it applied for?

With so many questions left unanswered its little wonder Asda are at sixes and seven’s but they also need to come clean with what they know about this donation!

Were they aware they were giving this donation as a charitable award or not?

What charitable status indication if any was given to them regarding inchgarth community centre?

If they have been lied or perhaps duped in any way will they seek to recover any or all of the said donation.

Will they ever work with the inchgarth centre in the future?

We have only reported what Asda Bridge of Dee quoted to us of May 2012 after the donation of £10,000 was made, since then Asda head office has stated there was zero contact with the said local councillor during or just before this donation was made, yet the proof of the pudding is in the GCC minutes in the screen capture above, its a simple question now of why Asda, Scotland is trying to deflect anyone from finding out this was indeed the case, what are they trying to hide or cover up, why not admit Mr Townson was speaking to the local Asda management at the time, no one at the GCC thought it was a big deal at the time so why are Asda trying to hide these facts now?

These new facts about this particular donation only came to light after Paul O’Connor, MBE claimed in a press release published around the world in late November 2012 after being awarded the BAA 50 grand giveaway for a new café that inchgarth was indeed a charitable Association which was totally bogus and untrue!

Can any of our readers work out why Asda wants to hide these facts from entering the public domain or public record?



~~~Please remember the web is full of untruths and stories please decipher with care, if this is news to you, then you read it here first.~~~