We invite all readers to consider the opportunity to be able to receive the fantastic jackpot of getting free rent, free electricity, free heating, free phone charges including Internet, free internal repairs and to top it all the astronomical regenerating building bonus of £500,000 plus.



Now I don’t know about any of our readers but to have a completely brand new build starting from the ground up costs much less than £500,000.



Within the last 5 or 6 years a well know community center which is reputed to be a busy hub of activity has been given these fantastic gifts;

So let’s look now at the additions to the above;. Foundation Scotland contributed around £40,000, RBS also contributed heavily by giving £xxxxxplus, Private individual MBE contributed £25,000plus, and a load of other dribs and drabs.



Thousands of imaginary individual bricks at £1 each were sold to build a beverage point and the beverage point turned into a profitable unregistered business which supplied unregistered take-away food according to the environmental health dept. who did not know it existed – the imaginary bricks raised many thousands of pounds.


Why would anyone wish to close the beverage point down if it was so new and had just received it’s official completion certificate? so while waiting for their new completion certificate they then appealed for the donation of £50,000 from BAA to build a completely new one, this really cannot be justified, can it? It should be noted at this point that when the community centre requested the £50,000 donation from BAA they did not have the needed completion certificate for that beverage point. This proves there was no intention of closing the beverage point as they were in fact waiting for that completion certificate.

What was that £50,000 actually for??? What did they tell BAA???

We know that it was not for an Internet hub as this community centre had already six hubs with sixty computers which on most days were idle and unused – please note this is more computers than the local schools have, and there are thirty brand new computers idle about 200 metres away in a public library.

So we ask again, what was that £50,000 actually for??? What did they tell BAA??? Did they tell BAA there was already six computer rooms with 60 computers, which vanished from the community centre website just before the £50,000 bid went in. Please check out the screen capture above for prior facilities before the bid application, the date can be checked on the screen capture.



Let’s look now at the community centre floor;

The floor of this particular centre had been inspected recently for insurance purposes and it was found to be in excellent condition, yet the centre found it neccessary to ask the local supermarket for £17,000 to replace it.



Consider this so called>>> “COMMUNITY CENTRE”<<<, business side takes in over a million pounds a year, why would they need to ask anyone for money or donations?



There seems to something very strange about a centre that gets more cash from the local council than is given to the local schools.


The local schools are in desperate need for money so why is the community centre wanting for nothing from the local council???



The worst of all is this centre has been masquerading as a charity for years in the pretence of their writings, appeals, news reports, and requesting monies from individual donators who are under the impression the centre is a charity instead of a thriving business.