What are the differences between, charity, charitable status, charitable association, charitable organisation, or using the word charity in your advertising or your appeals for funding etc…



Well nothing, – it all means the same thing although no-one in Scotland can claim to be either a Charitable Association or Charitable Organisation as this comes under the English and Welsh charities commission, if your a charity legally registered in Scotland then your known as a Scottish Registered Charity with an official SC recorded number.



In any event its illegal to call your organisation or group any of the above unless you have been given permission from either OSCR or The Charity Commission for England and Wales



any one found using this description without due care can be prosecuted or made to pay back all donations or both. Section 31(5) or (8) OSCR rules.



Recently inchgarth community centre in Aberdeen said in a press release they were indeed an >>>***Charitable Association***<<< after been given a £50,000 donation from BAA/Aberdeen International Airport Trust Fund, on checking these details with OSCR they were found to be bogus and untrue and are now said to be under OSCR investigation.

This is part of the press release inchgarth gave on or around the 23-11-12,

“This is the single largest donation any company has given our community centre, maybe even any Aberdeen community centre – and it is among the largest donations to a “charitable association” in the city this year.

It now seems this centre is trying to backtrack but the charity law is very clear on misrepresenting which most of our readers would agree the above press release would have any reasonable person think this centre has been using a disguised charity badge after all, because they claim to be a >>>***Charitable Association***<<< which is a clear breach and misrepresention which is strange for a very profitable business. BAA are reluctant to answer questions about when this statement they released became clear this centre had misrepresented themselves as a bogus registerd charity?

Please note; As is blatantly obvious to anyone reading this who has half a brain the idea of misappropriating official charity funds to a non charity organisation borders on psychotic* thievery.

these words are for the sole benefit of those people who believe in their own mind that they are a charity and above the Law.


~~~Please remember the web is full of untruths and stories please decipher with care, if this is news to you, then you read it here first.~~~