While most of our readers are utterly amazed how at least 2 huge UK companies managed to be taken in by this community centre where they raised over £60,000 in the last 12 months many have already forgotten they managed to raise £30,000 in six months themselves for Peggy’s cafe mark 1 in 2010, they got £25,000 from Peggy herself, they get £10,000 every year council grant, which was stopped in 2013, in addition raise enough money to pay their manager £30,000+ pa and other staff members then claim to asda the don’t have much funds to repair and do internal decor when the council pay all utilities like lighting, heating and phone charges to the tune of £170,000 PA paid by the local tax payers which the centre pays the council no fees or commissions whatsoever, the screen capture above shows why the people of Aberdeen were left shell shocked by Asda’s offer of £10,000 to re-lay a floor, the council may have done for free if consulted, this shows someone is trying to kid someone else but who?

Let us not forget Asda payed this into inchgarths general fund something Asda forbids in its charity donations directives as inchgarth had already paid for the relaid floors 2 months earlier by holding a live concert on or around the 17th of march 2012 and other sponsored events which the said centre raised yet another additional £10,000 this begs the question if the asda donation was paid after the relaid floors bill was paid what was the Asda donation actually used for?

To which Asda currently has no answers to, Asda claims they never paid the contractors the final bill which we have been told came to £17,000 not £10,000 as first claimed by inchgarth?

In addition to the above inchgarth has removed its lists of sponsors from its website as soon as they found out inchgarth was claiming to be a registered charitable association after kidding on another charity, BAA out of £50,000 by stating they were indeed a charity, when clearly they were not!

We know this as BAA allowed the press release stating this where the communications director herself announced the award to the press, why would she allow a centre that was not a registered charity be allowed to claim as being one unless they said they were indeed one!

As our websites readers can see from the screen capture above they managed to convince Asda they were poor and in desperate need of funds yet inchgarth has 3000 members paying around £3-5 pa and each person pays a small fee of around £0-£4 per session and last but not least Peggy’s cafe turned over £40,000+ last year and employs a full time chef not bad for a centre claiming they have no money!

Please remember this centre asks some of its users for extra donations to cover utility charges that users dont have a clue gets paid for by the local tax payers!

Who was it that told Asda that incharth had no spare money?, if true why did the manager not forgo his salary a little bit? Was it middleman Gordon or the stores managers best buddy Ian?, who ever did what was in fact lying! inchgargth could have easily raised the funds itself on the open finance market or got the council to do it for free but they got the Asda foundation charity to give it to them instead of another deserving local charity that needed the said funds more than the ultra rich inchgarth community centre!

As we have said over the past few years this is a fully fledged business not a charitable association as inchgarth have always claimed which is bogus and totally untrue!

And one thing is definitely out of place is the screen capture above inchgarth had no funds and was short of cash for repairs decor is indeed a falsehood!

As you can see the photo has all the parties standing on the new hall floor that was already laid and paid for two months earlier!

If we can easily find out this information how can a charity like Asda Foundation not?, or were they hoodwinked from an elected member or similar, this has made the foundation look silly and they should ask for their donation which was given in good faith to be paid back to restore confidence in the foundations really good work that many less fortunate local charities rely on.

Who is trying to kid who here,



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