Companies Falling Over Themselves To Run For Cover

Companies Falling Over Themselves To Run For Cover.

Once a upon a time they used to droll over gaining a foot hold on inchgarth community centre, now that the truth of some of their recent success has came to light regarding claiming to be a charitable association when we now know this to be false has now turned the spotlight on to the sponsors themselves.

BAA and now Asda are in blind panic of what to do next but both have one thing in common they are both telling International Scotland that their donations were not as first thought or reported as such locally made decisions because they are now saying these were known to be controversial donations and were taken by the full trustee committees of both trust funds, are they both trying to get their bosses sacked?

We have recently been advised the relaying of floors at inchgarth had an £17,000 bill not the £10,000 inchgarth had claimed it would cost at the time.

On the BAA Application form for funds it clearly states applicants must say whether they are a charity or not if they are then they need their OSCR registration number before applications can be considered which makes Sarah Campbell’s position look less than solid because she is the head of the fund process and now says it was taken out of her hands as well?

Both funds said it was local trust funds making the decisions at the time monies were handed to this non-charity.

It is true that both trust funds give to non charities and groups as well but these tend to be for very small amounts of funding.

One very large issue for Asda is the fact their head office is now claiming Gordon Townson, the local SNP Councillor was not the middle man after all, but this flies in the face of the bridge of dee female spokespersons claiming at the time of the £10,000 donation that they never done anything wrong because Gordon arranged it all!

Asda head office (Scotland) claims this is false because it was them that handled the award directly, if true someone is perhaps fabricating a story something rotten and yet again within the rules of the foundations regulations its left to local stores to sort out the applications, confused perhaps we aer meant to be???

Both these companies say their trust funds are fully transparent yet both are getting into a blind panic over the fact they have not a clue they gave money from a charitable source to a non charitable entity, inchgarth community centre, is it now the case they did at the time think they were giving a donation to a registered charity and the truth was they excepted this at face value rather than checking the information provided at the time from the recipients and now finding out the truth of maybe being hoodwinked by inchgarth are now desperate to save face and are coming up with ridicules excuses that makes them both look like amateurs.

We reported this on our site as did at least one other, we both called them at the same time of day and the story changed 3 times in 20 minutes, first we were both told it was for the entire floor, we said its already been paid then they said it was for a floor and other works then passed to a manager who said it was for general funds we were then informed a full press release would be forthcoming at the end of that week that was 6 months ago and we are still waiting for one to be released?

Lets get back to this relaid floor, inchgarth put up a press release at the start of 2012 claiming they were going to raise £10,000 for new flooring, nothing wrong with that, then they stated they were going to have a concert on or about the 17th of March, this was a success by all accounts, they claimed on the 23rd of March 2012 they had raised the money to pay for it and a few days later the works was said to have been completed including a small area in the one of the corridors and it had been FULLY paid for.

Around 2 months later inchgarth said the Asda foundation was going to pay the £10,000 that was needed for the floors THAT had already been paid in full and now we are being told by Asda head office the bill actually came to £17,000 as that was the total invoice amount given to them!

The question must be answered, inchgarth stated at the time they raised approximately £3500 profit from the said concert they got the job done but this leaves a black hole of £13500 if inchgarth was telling Asda and its end users the complete truth!


Was inchgarth informed prior to the 17th of March they were to receive £10,000 from Asda before Asda confirmed they would get it in the press?

If the above was not the case where did inchgarth get the full £17000 funding from?

What date was the £17,000 invoice date and paid for in full?

If it was fully paid for before Asda announced they had won the £10,000 as they were voted for in the store with the aid of green checkout coins so in reality inchgarth could not have known the result before hand (unless they were given secret assurances before hand) the question must be why Asda donated £10,000 for a floor that had already been laid and paid for in full which proves the spokespersons told the truth at the time by saying they were not aware it was already paid for but as it was the £10,000 will now go to their general funds for any purpose (rather then asking for their donation to be paid back) which is why we printed the story in the first place as it is totally against Asda funding criteria and that’s why perhaps Asda head office is in blind panic now because both inchgarth and the said store may have broke their own funding rules!

Which now begs the question why Asda staff and three local councillors were photographed handing over £10,000 for a floor already paid for 2 months earlier by other peoples efforts and every person photographed may have knew full well that was the case and the only ones not knowing that was the unsuspecting Asda foundation head office which we now think was completely in the dark about all the gory details?

Below is the proof of the pudding the first screen capture proves inchgarth was quoted for 10,000 pounds for new flooring and they were going to raise their own funds, the picture has been thumb-nailed click to enlarge…

inchgarth £10,000 fund raising.













Proof Asda foundation paid the money long after the floor relaying had been completed and paid for 2 months earlier!

Please note also what the centre says about Peggy’s cafe?

BAA paid for another one where the old one was only 18 months old, AND COST £55,000 WHY

and proof it was run as a business what other community centre in Aberdeen employees a full time chef?


Asda giving us money we have already paid out capture.










Happy inchgarth staff, asda staff and happy councillors standing on a new floor paid for and laid four months earlier (it says that in black and white) than being presented with the £10,000 pounds from the Asda Foundation into inchgarths general funds!

If the councillors played no part in the said Asda foundation award why are they even in the picture at all?

Asda has told us politicans are not allowed to be part of the awards, so why did the asda staff allow themselves to be photographed together and why has asda not asked inchgarth to remove it from their website at

To the casual observer does this look like they played no part in this £10,000 asda award?

Proof Asda paid for a job already paid and completed months earlier picture






Proof again that BAA and Asda was perhaps duped as this screen capture proves the council are jointly responsible for internal repair costs and as you can see Andrew Murray inchgarths treasure fully agrees, so there is no doubt after all the council is liable for joint repair costs so why is two charitable trusts shelling out charity money for council owned building internal repairs and at the time the recipient never even had a lease agreement to say there long term?

This capture was taken recently on a facebook hate campaign against labour administration leaders of which this was posted by Mr O’Connor acting as admin.


inchgarth admits council liable for repairs Capture













The next question would be did inchgarth ask and receive any monies as well for the same works as both BAA and Asda have undertaking or about to be undertaken shortly given the above its not unreasonable to ask?

Footnote; We see inchgarth best friends, future choices charity is in the running for another Asda handout from the same store but is currently lagging well behind the other two front runners and we will be looking each day to see if it makes a very late run for the wining just like inchgarth manged before they closed the race as before?




*****Please remember the web is full of untruths and stories please decipher with care, if this is news to you, then you read it here first!