Thats what you need when dealing with inchgarth community centre.

What has the people of Aberdeen learned in the last four days about the biggest and busiest centre in Aberdeen, well apparently they take zero responsibility for anything that they advertise on other third party websites and if statements appear on other sites like BAA or Asda they may have actually said it but that does not mean it means anything at all, are you confused, well if you are your meant to be its called inchgarth plausible denialability and put in simple layman’s terms they talk rubbish because they think since 1996 pulling the wool over locals eyes was easy, it stops now!

A few examples, they said everyone knows we have disabled ramps and toilets, loads of them but on the volunteer Scotland it says nothing of the sort nor does it state anything like that on the person wishing to work for free from perhaps the other side of the world is left to look into their crystal balls and figure out why inchgarth said that in that way?

Then after 3 days inchgarth capitulates and tells the people of Aberdeen it’s not our fault its ACVO who placed the advert for us, ACVO says its inchgarths responsibility to make sure when the advert gets placed on volunteer Scotland they need to check all the details are correct and if its wrong alert us and we will get it amended straight away which is strange because inchgarth has had these volunteer averts for over a year maybe longer and none of them states they have disabled toilets or even wheelchair access for our disabled volunteers, why not?

We have been talking about this now since Sunday morning and even though they are now blaming ACVO which by the way is not their faults would you believe the adverts all 14 of them have still not been amended proves they never intended to provide that required disabled volunteer information ever or the said adverts would have surely been amended by this time!


Its smoking mirrors time, first they try to head people off at the pass regarding what the said to BAA after getting 50,000 pounds first they denia they said to anyone that they claimed to be a CHARITABLE ASSOCIATION when that did not wash then they said YES we did say it but it does not mean we are a REGISTERED CHARITY!

Today we ask inchgarth to ask Scotland’s charity Regulator OSCR to confirm to us all inchgarth is correct in its view that saying we describe ourselves as a CHARITABLE ASSOCIATION does not mean in any shape or form that the people reading it does not automaticily think we must be REGISTERED CHARITY under OSCR regulations, we dare them, we double dare them and so on?

Inchgarth say we make it up and basicaly lies, we only report what they tell us but they talk so much rubbish over the years they forget the crap they come out with because its hard to remember lies and you always remember truths!



~~~Please remember the web is full of untruths and stories please decipher with care, if this is news to you, then you read it here first.~~~