Horse Head with sad features
Horse Head with sad face



Horsemeat or whatever we have all been shoveling down our throats for the last umteen years have taken a new twist today.

Findus seemingly knew about the dodgy meat days before issuing a statement that those who feasted on their Beef Lasagne or whatever were still subject to possible illness if the horse or whatever meat is involved may have the drugs inside that can be harmful to humans. Why did Findus not make an immediate statement a few minutes after they themselves found out about it, Why did Findus wait for days afterwards before telling customers they could be eating contaminated meat?


A further twist is Findus is sueing an unidentified company named “X”, the “X”, is used when the culprit is not yet known under French Law. Spanghero in France supplied the so called beef say they will be sueing a Romanian company. The French company Comigel appears to be the company which supplied most of the U.K. with the contaminated and non beef products.


The idea that we humans have been eating goodness knows what over the years really puts the word “TRUST”, into a realm of it’s own.


What I’d like to know is the medications these so called beef fillings have been fed over the years and passed on to us in the form of different meals, did they cause illness or disease or did they contribute to ill health which seems to be a European hazzard.


We are now being fed(pardon the pun) the old chestnut(no not a horse) that it may have been an “international criminal conspiracy” that caused the food chain to get doctored ; this of course rustles up the thoughts that while someone was holding down the sausages someone was stuffing them with horsemeat or some other woolly creature. It’s worth a thought, where are all these new and unheard of diseases coming from? The odds must be very short for questionable contents in our bangers and pasties etc…next!


Does this mean we have a European criminal fraternity called ” Trigger”? I would say; yes we could possibly have a “conspiracy” being cultivated.


As all these companies are sueing everyone else, does this mean Joe Public is entitled to sue all these horseburger outlets? or is it even money Joe Public will be an “also ran”.


~~~Please remember the web is full of untruths and stories please decipher with care, if this is news to you, then you read it here first.~~~