Anthrax result of eating contaminated meat.
Anthrax result of eating contaminated meat.




The “Horsemeat Fiasco”, has now stretched to sixteen different countries and we are now being told that APRIL could be when we are told that tests will be made public.

Now I do not know what other readers think, but surely in the year 2013 these sixteen countries have something set up to check ALL THE HUMAN FOOD CHAIN before it hits the sales counters.
I say this out of experience of the past, and to remind those who never knew it, ie;
at one time each abattoir or slaughterhouse had a VET in attendance who officially stamped the quality of all meats being removed towards the human food chain. Any meat during these inspections which was found to be unfit for human consumption was either painted or sprayed blue or green and placed in the appropriate meat bins well away from the human food chain meat bins. There was very little chance that contaminated or unfit meat could slip into the food chain unless blatant criminal acts – this method worked and was as near workable as you could possibly get. We are now being told that neither this method or any other has ever been in place for years, so it’s little wonder that contaminated meats have slipped into our U.K. human food chain.


The graphic shows one result of eating contaminated meat which resulted in the individual getting anthrax.
As we reported already we can expect further contamination in our food, what will it be next is anybody’s guess but my thoughts are on our sausages, pies, meat pastes, reformed cold meats, liver, pate’, processed meats, in fact most things your family butcher would barely stock on his shelves.

As it has been reported that April may be the month before we hear about present tests so Joe Public must consider if animal medication or animal disease has entered the food chain, including the possibility that any type of animal may be involved – as no tests have been performed for years anything imagineable is possible.



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