Horse Head with sad features
Horse Head with sad face




Horsemeat or Zebu, a simple statement or question.

It seems that Burger King is the next business to admit to horsemeat being in their offerings. That horsemeat could have been anything in our foodchain from any of these so called TRUSTED business’s.

A better question now is; “what exactly is in our so called meat products”? it could be any animal you can think of, why? because it’s only a few days ago that Tesco tell us they will in FUTURE make sure that all meats are inspected. Wouldn’t you think that this process would have been already in place before the items were put on the sales shelves – so the question must be; how many years have we been eating strange animals, and what animals have been passing as foodstuffs simply to make money.



Why has there not been a Government Dept. with teeth controlling our foodchain items and continually testing foods being sold from these premises.



Will there be a further exodus of companies admitting to non licensed dodgy foodstuffs in their meat products? I am personally amazed that some meat sausages for example have less than 25% of the sausage filling, what rubbish is the other 75% being made up with – we have all been told the different ingredients that makes up the other 75% but who can tell if we are again being told another lie because trust no longer exists.


Now that we are aware that we may have been eating strange animals or worse still contaminated meats that had been marked as unfit for human consumption – can’t happen I hear you shout, – oh! yes it can if there have never been safeguards in place before, I wonder if many people will remember the ZEBU we were fed from some of the advertised and so called 100% beef outlets a few years ago.
The Zebu from Africa may well still be in the food chain along with the many other possible parasites and diseases these and many other weird animals carry. Are these weird and wonderful meat products causing illness? Why not, it’s possible!

The answer at present seems to be; if you need butchermeat then it seems obvious to buy it from your local butcher who has absolutely everything to lose if he spoils his reputation, unlike your local supermarkets who only sell horsemeat burgers as a sideline to other provisions.


The latest add on to this story is by way of an example which is called;
Findus Beef Lasagne “Ready Meals” which we are now being told could have as much as 100% horsemeat in them. Would you believe it they are also suggesting that the horsemeat should be tested to make sure there are no signs of an equine drug called phenylbutazone which is in common use throughout the world to treat certain types of racehorse illness’s but harmful to humans.
It’s worth remembering, if this happened in the U.S. an expensive Class Action would be well on it’s way – it may yet still happen, watch this space.