MRM meat product
MRM meat product



Horsemeat seems to have been in our foodstuffs for some time and yesterdays revelation from the former head of the FSA in U.K. Dr. Mark Woolfe stated that because of pressure from “supermarkets”; todays FSA had abandoned food testing which if the “food testing”, had still been practiced it may have helped halt the fiasco we are now getting about horsemeat in the food chain. The reason the FSA stopped “food testing”, was because the retail trade objected to be named and shamed.

This statement by Dr.Woolfe points the finger at the “supermarkets”, and that they may well have been aware the meat was contaminated within the food chain and well before the meat fiasco began in the media. We are not pointing a finger at those at the sharp end of the jobs, such as shelf stackers, cashiers, or even your local supermarket but the directors, etc… and anyone else who sits on their boards making life changing decisions.

If somone had asked me last week what is DSM in connection with butchermeat? or what is MRM in connection with butchermeat? I would not have had a clue! So I was like many others and living in ignorance about how the meat comes to our table. In both cases it should be stressed that those of us who eat meat are only concerned about whether the meat is safe and edible.

DSM is the abreviation used for disinewed meat which is comparitively new to the U.K. and is removed from the bone using low pressure – in April 2012 this changed as the European Commission told the FSA it was no longer regarded as meat.
MRM is the abreviation for “mechanically recovered meat”, MRM gets it’s name by high pressure water removing everything from the bone. MRM is also known as “pink slime”. MRM is alive and kicking today and living in butchermeat near you! To give you a little reminder about MRM, it was being accused by the The Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee (Seac) who spent five years research and asking retailers how much MRM was being used in our food chain as this was the leading contender for the BSE fiasco and led to experts saying that humans are thought to develop the fatal and untreatable brain disease vCJD

former head of the FSA tells the World the “supermarkets and retailers”, must have already known about the contamination within our food chain and ages before the media coverage – Dr. Woolfe states that the FSA stopped testing our food chain because the retailers did not want to be “named and shamed”. It’s important to consider this story could be about anything, so where does it stop?
We are also being forced to accept the MRM meat products are perfectly healthy and worthy of our food chain, not bad for a stage in the process called “pink slime”, and also blamed for BSE scenario and therafter the brain disease vCJD so should this be classed as processed meat?

Our advice; your local butcher should be able to advise you about safe meat.


~~~Please remember the web is full of untruths and stories please decipher with care, if this is news to you, then you read it here first.~~~