International Scotland Traffic Continues To Grow

International Scotland Traffic Continues To Grow.



International Scotland Traffic Continues To Grow pic







As you can see above by hitting the image International Scotland’s Traffic Continues To Grow almost daily, yesterday we had 929 visitors and over the last 4 days we have seen over 700 visitors a day which is more than Aberdeen’s local rag gets at present and must be one of the top visited site in Aberdeen now!

We are producing what our local populous wants to read about and is it not strange the local rag covers not one of our true to life expose’s.

You would have thought someone masquerading as a charitable association oh well just goes to show how much press freedoms there are these days given Mr B did not want to share the happy news of his wedding plans with his staff and proves his close links with this sites material!

Many people may come here for very different reasons are all are very welcome but one thing is for sure no matter where or how you got here, you are learning what goes on in a very small corner of Scotland for whatever reason but be assured with all the inspectors and cops at our disposal we will find the truth one day, this is what is commandingly called, poetic licence!….