Only Able Bodied Volunteers Need Apply.

Only Able Bodied Volunteers Need Apply.








Just when you thought it could not get any worse you find out something even more shocking and this time there will be no hiding place.

Yes would you believe it, the inchgarth centre that tells us they are here for the disabled is in fact actually discriminating against them by advertising volunteering jobs with where they actively seek people of all ages to work for free and in return inchgarth gets even richer!

What is even worse is they tell all their volunteer candidates there are NO DISABLED TOILETS or WHEELCHAIR ACCESS in any of the several volunteer posts they have advertised in the last 12 months, in other words they don’t want the bother of helping the people they say they need to help those they work with the most, the disabled!

  • This proves they are trying to actively discourage disabled people from applying for volunteer posts by telling them lies about disabled access which is frankly disgusting as we are sure our many readers will agree! 

Yet on the other hand when they are asking disabled groups to come to inchgarth its a proven case of, we have LOTS OF DISABLED TOILETS and WHEELCHAIR ACCESS with ramps, this is a clear case of Disability Discrimination as the screen captures will show. Obviously the more disabled clients they attract the better the funding they can claim – so whilst they appear to be supportive of the disabled, they apparently don’t want to employ them!


If your disabled we can fully cater for your needs picture Capture













The above graphic was taken from here as proof;



LOOKS LIKE DISABLED PARKING TO US CaptureOne question now begs to be answered both Create Aberdeen and Future Choices use this centre most of the time both are official OSCR registered charities and have lots of Disabled groups they cater for, they read this website all the time, will they along with other interested parties now ask inchgarth to change their policy of discrimination against allowing only able bodied persons to apply for volunteer positions at inchgarth?

Where does this leave all this centres sponsors were they fully aware of these facts before sponsoring this centre over the past several months and what will the do about it now, BAA we be most hurt by these findings today…they said this was an excellent centre for disabled learning, do they still hold this view after this article, they also said they had done a rigorous selection process before awarding the BAA £50,000 giveaway donation its looking more like it really was a pure giveaway after all?

Aberdeen city council says it has full disabled access all though they say the STAFF AT INCHGARTH ARE NOT TRAINED, What!

Of course the bully boys of inchgarth will shout foul so here are all the links for all our visitors for their perusal;

If you scroll down the page of each advert look for the part like this capture, ask yourself why a centre who has so many disabled people in it tells lies about this?


UPDATE SUNDAY 16.40 ~ We have been busy asking our contacts throughout Scotland about how information is added for placing volunteer adverts and we have been told its the responsibility of the centres or the groups manager for inputting the correct said information, inchgarth says its a software issue this is rubbish as per usual there are many different examples on that site that says there is access for wheelchair users and disabled toilets, here is just one example but many more can be provided if requested?

Miss Marple please see the above example it was researched on your behalf and its you we have to thank for our next expose on this story! 



inchgarth caught telling big porkies again CaptureClick to enlarge?’s-Support-Assistant


We would like our readers to pass on their comments good or bad about this shocking discovery?

Did any of our readers know about this?

How should this be dealt with?


~~~Please remember the web is full of untruths and stories please decipher with care, if this is news to you, then you read it here first.~~~