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Welcoming the Cabinet secretary’s response to Audit Scotland’s report into management of patients on NHS waiting lists, SNP MSP Bob Doris said that, with the Scottish Government already having enacted 91% of the 105 recommendations of the recent internal audits, it was important for all politicians to focus on progress instead of using Scotland’s NHS for party political point-scoring.

The extensive investigation by Audit Scotland also found no examples of any deliberate manipulation of waiting list records, outwith NHS Lothian.

Mr Doris also highlighted the 2012 Scottish Inpatient survey which found that 88% of patients were satisfied with waiting times.

Today Health Secretary Alex Neil announced the creation of a new Patient Advice Line, through which patients can access information about their rights surrounding waiting times.

He also confirmed that NHS Boards will be asked to conduct further reviews of their waiting times procedures within a year.

Commenting, Mr Doris said:

“I welcome the response today from the both the First Minister and the Health Secretary, who have made clear the action that has been taken to re-enforce the confidence people across Scotland have in their NHS.

“Patient satisfaction with management of waiting times is very high – and that is because of the Scottish Government’s commitment to openness and transparency.

“It is extraordinarily hypocritical of the Labour Party – the Party who allowed over a third of the total inpatient and day cases to languish indefinitely on hidden waiting lists – to accuse anybody else of manipulating waiting times.

“Labour have repeatedly accused staff up and down Scotland of fiddling the figures – but the Audit Scotland investigation found no evidence of this.

“Of course there are improvements which can be made, but it’s time that the opposition stopped using the NHS as a party political tool to attack their political opponents.”




Thats what you need when dealing with inchgarth community centre.

What has the people of Aberdeen learned in the last four days about the biggest and busiest centre in Aberdeen, well apparently they take zero responsibility for anything that they advertise on other third party websites and if statements appear on other sites like BAA or Asda they may have actually said it but that does not mean it means anything at all, are you confused, well if you are your meant to be its called inchgarth plausible denialability and put in simple layman’s terms they talk rubbish because they think since 1996 pulling the wool over locals eyes was easy, it stops now!

A few examples, they said everyone knows we have disabled ramps and toilets, loads of them but on the volunteer Scotland it says nothing of the sort nor does it state anything like that on the person wishing to work for free from perhaps the other side of the world is left to look into their crystal balls and figure out why inchgarth said that in that way?

Then after 3 days inchgarth capitulates and tells the people of Aberdeen it’s not our fault its ACVO who placed the advert for us, ACVO says its inchgarths responsibility to make sure when the advert gets placed on volunteer Scotland they need to check all the details are correct and if its wrong alert us and we will get it amended straight away which is strange because inchgarth has had these volunteer averts for over a year maybe longer and none of them states they have disabled toilets or even wheelchair access for our disabled volunteers, why not?

We have been talking about this now since Sunday morning and even though they are now blaming ACVO which by the way is not their faults would you believe the adverts all 14 of them have still not been amended proves they never intended to provide that required disabled volunteer information ever or the said adverts would have surely been amended by this time!


Its smoking mirrors time, first they try to head people off at the pass regarding what the said to BAA after getting 50,000 pounds first they denia they said to anyone that they claimed to be a CHARITABLE ASSOCIATION when that did not wash then they said YES we did say it but it does not mean we are a REGISTERED CHARITY!

Today we ask inchgarth to ask Scotland’s charity Regulator OSCR to confirm to us all inchgarth is correct in its view that saying we describe ourselves as a CHARITABLE ASSOCIATION does not mean in any shape or form that the people reading it does not automaticily think we must be REGISTERED CHARITY under OSCR regulations, we dare them, we double dare them and so on?

Inchgarth say we make it up and basicaly lies, we only report what they tell us but they talk so much rubbish over the years they forget the crap they come out with because its hard to remember lies and you always remember truths!



~~~Please remember the web is full of untruths and stories please decipher with care, if this is news to you, then you read it here first.~~~

Only Able Bodied Volunteers Need Apply.

Only Able Bodied Volunteers Need Apply.








Just when you thought it could not get any worse you find out something even more shocking and this time there will be no hiding place.

Yes would you believe it, the inchgarth centre that tells us they are here for the disabled is in fact actually discriminating against them by advertising volunteering jobs with where they actively seek people of all ages to work for free and in return inchgarth gets even richer!

What is even worse is they tell all their volunteer candidates there are NO DISABLED TOILETS or WHEELCHAIR ACCESS in any of the several volunteer posts they have advertised in the last 12 months, in other words they don’t want the bother of helping the people they say they need to help those they work with the most, the disabled!

  • This proves they are trying to actively discourage disabled people from applying for volunteer posts by telling them lies about disabled access which is frankly disgusting as we are sure our many readers will agree! 

Yet on the other hand when they are asking disabled groups to come to inchgarth its a proven case of, we have LOTS OF DISABLED TOILETS and WHEELCHAIR ACCESS with ramps, this is a clear case of Disability Discrimination as the screen captures will show. Obviously the more disabled clients they attract the better the funding they can claim – so whilst they appear to be supportive of the disabled, they apparently don’t want to employ them!


If your disabled we can fully cater for your needs picture Capture













The above graphic was taken from here as proof;



LOOKS LIKE DISABLED PARKING TO US CaptureOne question now begs to be answered both Create Aberdeen and Future Choices use this centre most of the time both are official OSCR registered charities and have lots of Disabled groups they cater for, they read this website all the time, will they along with other interested parties now ask inchgarth to change their policy of discrimination against allowing only able bodied persons to apply for volunteer positions at inchgarth?

Where does this leave all this centres sponsors were they fully aware of these facts before sponsoring this centre over the past several months and what will the do about it now, BAA we be most hurt by these findings today…they said this was an excellent centre for disabled learning, do they still hold this view after this article, they also said they had done a rigorous selection process before awarding the BAA £50,000 giveaway donation its looking more like it really was a pure giveaway after all?

Aberdeen city council says it has full disabled access all though they say the STAFF AT INCHGARTH ARE NOT TRAINED, What!

Of course the bully boys of inchgarth will shout foul so here are all the links for all our visitors for their perusal;

If you scroll down the page of each advert look for the part like this capture, ask yourself why a centre who has so many disabled people in it tells lies about this?


UPDATE SUNDAY 16.40 ~ We have been busy asking our contacts throughout Scotland about how information is added for placing volunteer adverts and we have been told its the responsibility of the centres or the groups manager for inputting the correct said information, inchgarth says its a software issue this is rubbish as per usual there are many different examples on that site that says there is access for wheelchair users and disabled toilets, here is just one example but many more can be provided if requested?

Miss Marple please see the above example it was researched on your behalf and its you we have to thank for our next expose on this story! 



inchgarth caught telling big porkies again CaptureClick to enlarge?’s-Support-Assistant


We would like our readers to pass on their comments good or bad about this shocking discovery?

Did any of our readers know about this?

How should this be dealt with?


~~~Please remember the web is full of untruths and stories please decipher with care, if this is news to you, then you read it here first.~~~











We invite all readers to consider the opportunity to be able to receive the fantastic jackpot of getting free rent, free electricity, free heating, free phone charges including Internet, free internal repairs and to top it all the astronomical regenerating building bonus of £500,000 plus.



Now I don’t know about any of our readers but to have a completely brand new build starting from the ground up costs much less than £500,000.



Within the last 5 or 6 years a well know community center which is reputed to be a busy hub of activity has been given these fantastic gifts;

So let’s look now at the additions to the above;. Foundation Scotland contributed around £40,000, RBS also contributed heavily by giving £xxxxxplus, Private individual MBE contributed £25,000plus, and a load of other dribs and drabs.



Thousands of imaginary individual bricks at £1 each were sold to build a beverage point and the beverage point turned into a profitable unregistered business which supplied unregistered take-away food according to the environmental health dept. who did not know it existed – the imaginary bricks raised many thousands of pounds.


Why would anyone wish to close the beverage point down if it was so new and had just received it’s official completion certificate? so while waiting for their new completion certificate they then appealed for the donation of £50,000 from BAA to build a completely new one, this really cannot be justified, can it? It should be noted at this point that when the community centre requested the £50,000 donation from BAA they did not have the needed completion certificate for that beverage point. This proves there was no intention of closing the beverage point as they were in fact waiting for that completion certificate.

What was that £50,000 actually for??? What did they tell BAA???

We know that it was not for an Internet hub as this community centre had already six hubs with sixty computers which on most days were idle and unused – please note this is more computers than the local schools have, and there are thirty brand new computers idle about 200 metres away in a public library.

So we ask again, what was that £50,000 actually for??? What did they tell BAA??? Did they tell BAA there was already six computer rooms with 60 computers, which vanished from the community centre website just before the £50,000 bid went in. Please check out the screen capture above for prior facilities before the bid application, the date can be checked on the screen capture.



Let’s look now at the community centre floor;

The floor of this particular centre had been inspected recently for insurance purposes and it was found to be in excellent condition, yet the centre found it neccessary to ask the local supermarket for £17,000 to replace it.



Consider this so called>>> “COMMUNITY CENTRE”<<<, business side takes in over a million pounds a year, why would they need to ask anyone for money or donations?



There seems to something very strange about a centre that gets more cash from the local council than is given to the local schools.


The local schools are in desperate need for money so why is the community centre wanting for nothing from the local council???



The worst of all is this centre has been masquerading as a charity for years in the pretence of their writings, appeals, news reports, and requesting monies from individual donators who are under the impression the centre is a charity instead of a thriving business.

International Scotland Traffic Continues To Grow

International Scotland Traffic Continues To Grow.



International Scotland Traffic Continues To Grow pic







As you can see above by hitting the image International Scotland’s Traffic Continues To Grow almost daily, yesterday we had 929 visitors and over the last 4 days we have seen over 700 visitors a day which is more than Aberdeen’s local rag gets at present and must be one of the top visited site in Aberdeen now!

We are producing what our local populous wants to read about and is it not strange the local rag covers not one of our true to life expose’s.

You would have thought someone masquerading as a charitable association oh well just goes to show how much press freedoms there are these days given Mr B did not want to share the happy news of his wedding plans with his staff and proves his close links with this sites material!

Many people may come here for very different reasons are all are very welcome but one thing is for sure no matter where or how you got here, you are learning what goes on in a very small corner of Scotland for whatever reason but be assured with all the inspectors and cops at our disposal we will find the truth one day, this is what is commandingly called, poetic licence!….














What are the differences between, charity, charitable status, charitable association, charitable organisation, or using the word charity in your advertising or your appeals for funding etc…



Well nothing, – it all means the same thing although no-one in Scotland can claim to be either a Charitable Association or Charitable Organisation as this comes under the English and Welsh charities commission, if your a charity legally registered in Scotland then your known as a Scottish Registered Charity with an official SC recorded number.



In any event its illegal to call your organisation or group any of the above unless you have been given permission from either OSCR or The Charity Commission for England and Wales



any one found using this description without due care can be prosecuted or made to pay back all donations or both. Section 31(5) or (8) OSCR rules.



Recently inchgarth community centre in Aberdeen said in a press release they were indeed an >>>***Charitable Association***<<< after been given a £50,000 donation from BAA/Aberdeen International Airport Trust Fund, on checking these details with OSCR they were found to be bogus and untrue and are now said to be under OSCR investigation.

This is part of the press release inchgarth gave on or around the 23-11-12,

“This is the single largest donation any company has given our community centre, maybe even any Aberdeen community centre – and it is among the largest donations to a “charitable association” in the city this year.

It now seems this centre is trying to backtrack but the charity law is very clear on misrepresenting which most of our readers would agree the above press release would have any reasonable person think this centre has been using a disguised charity badge after all, because they claim to be a >>>***Charitable Association***<<< which is a clear breach and misrepresention which is strange for a very profitable business. BAA are reluctant to answer questions about when this statement they released became clear this centre had misrepresented themselves as a bogus registerd charity?

Please note; As is blatantly obvious to anyone reading this who has half a brain the idea of misappropriating official charity funds to a non charity organisation borders on psychotic* thievery.

these words are for the sole benefit of those people who believe in their own mind that they are a charity and above the Law.


~~~Please remember the web is full of untruths and stories please decipher with care, if this is news to you, then you read it here first.~~~




Petition calling for Trump golf public inquiry

A petition has been launched calling for a public inquiry into Donald Trump’s Aberdeenshire golf resort.

Local protestor David Milne has lodged the petition against the American tycoon’s controversial development at Menie.

Mr Milne said: “Only a full public inquiry can now get to the bottom of this story.”

The Trump Organisation recently submitted plans for an 18-hole course to the south of the existing course.

Mr Milne has expressed concerns about “planning guidelines and environmental regulations”.

He said: “I would urge everyone who has supported us up to now to sign this petition and help us make sure that the Scottish Parliament’s Petitions Committee acts on it.”

The second course would be named The Mary MacLeod Course, after Mr Trump’s Scottish-born mother.

He said: “The unprecedented demand to play our championship course has accelerated our plans.”

Mr Trump officially unveiled his Trump International Golf Links in July.

He has repeatedly clashed with local residents, environmentalists, wind farm manufacturers and the Scottish First Minister since buying the land on the Menie Estate eight years ago.

Plans for a hotel and houses on the estate have been put on hold until a decision is made on a proposed wind farm off the coast of the links.

source; BBC


~~~Please remember the web is full of untruths and stories please decipher with care, if this is news to you, then you read it here first.~~~




Yesterday this website pointed out FEW home truths to which the supporters of the now discredited Aberdeen Community centre, we also asked and invited members of the general public to write to us if they had any stories to tell, well we were very surprised to learn that this person unknown to us had taken out yet another web page of hate against the council last year before this centre capitulated and signed the new lease agreements after all but readers of this site may want to read what the author had to say about it at the time?

This is what this author had to say on;




The question must be asked why did this centre sign the agreements at all after letting down other centres the said author said he was first supporting?

Who in their right minds would allow these people to be the voice of others after this fiasco of a hate campaign if agreement was made to stand firm how was it the authors centre was one of the first centres to say we surrender, we except the terms being offered, please forgive us!

The only thing that was a DISGRACE AND SHAMEFUL was the way the said author behaved and treated its fellow centres and centre committees and why have they not publicly apologised to the people of Aberdeen!

Many who have written to us over the last 24 hours has stated they now think the author and his centre were trying to wreck all six centres just so they could have more classes going to that centre instead, we don’t know it if that’s totally correct but when push came to shove the only thing that centre was doing was groveling big style, saying “where do we sign”!

MORE GOOD NEWS – Today saw all website visitors increase to its highest level we had over 600 visitors between 1pm and 5.30 pm we thank you and hope you had a good read and fun and please come back daily?


MRM meat product

MRM meat product



Horsemeat seems to have been in our foodstuffs for some time and yesterdays revelation from the former head of the FSA in U.K. Dr. Mark Woolfe stated that because of pressure from “supermarkets”; todays FSA had abandoned food testing which if the “food testing”, had still been practiced it may have helped halt the fiasco we are now getting about horsemeat in the food chain. The reason the FSA stopped “food testing”, was because the retail trade objected to be named and shamed.

This statement by Dr.Woolfe points the finger at the “supermarkets”, and that they may well have been aware the meat was contaminated within the food chain and well before the meat fiasco began in the media. We are not pointing a finger at those at the sharp end of the jobs, such as shelf stackers, cashiers, or even your local supermarket but the directors, etc… and anyone else who sits on their boards making life changing decisions.

If somone had asked me last week what is DSM in connection with butchermeat? or what is MRM in connection with butchermeat? I would not have had a clue! So I was like many others and living in ignorance about how the meat comes to our table. In both cases it should be stressed that those of us who eat meat are only concerned about whether the meat is safe and edible.

DSM is the abreviation used for disinewed meat which is comparitively new to the U.K. and is removed from the bone using low pressure – in April 2012 this changed as the European Commission told the FSA it was no longer regarded as meat.
MRM is the abreviation for “mechanically recovered meat”, MRM gets it’s name by high pressure water removing everything from the bone. MRM is also known as “pink slime”. MRM is alive and kicking today and living in butchermeat near you! To give you a little reminder about MRM, it was being accused by the The Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee (Seac) who spent five years research and asking retailers how much MRM was being used in our food chain as this was the leading contender for the BSE fiasco and led to experts saying that humans are thought to develop the fatal and untreatable brain disease vCJD

former head of the FSA tells the World the “supermarkets and retailers”, must have already known about the contamination within our food chain and ages before the media coverage – Dr. Woolfe states that the FSA stopped testing our food chain because the retailers did not want to be “named and shamed”. It’s important to consider this story could be about anything, so where does it stop?
We are also being forced to accept the MRM meat products are perfectly healthy and worthy of our food chain, not bad for a stage in the process called “pink slime”, and also blamed for BSE scenario and therafter the brain disease vCJD so should this be classed as processed meat?

Our advice; your local butcher should be able to advise you about safe meat.


~~~Please remember the web is full of untruths and stories please decipher with care, if this is news to you, then you read it here first.~~~


Horse Head with sad features

Horse Head with sad face



Horsemeat hit list of shops and withdrawn items;


Everyday value frozen burgers
Tesco Everyday Value spaghetti bolognese
All Silvercrest products
Findus lasagne


Own-label frozen burgers


Freeza meat frozen beef burgers



Dalepak frozen burgers
Own brand frozen 16 British beef meatballs



Four beef quarter pounders
Eight beef frozen burgers with onions

Moordale frozen beef quarter pounders


Four pack quarter pounders
Four pack 100% beef quarter pounders



Frozen Oakhurst 100% beef quarter pounders
Frozen specially selected Aberdeen Angus quarter pounders
Frozen Oakhurst beef burgers
Today’s special frozen beef lasagne
Today’s special frozen spaghetti bolognese



Ross 4 Beef quarter pounders
Dalepak 4 Beef quarter pounders
Adams beef burger 8’s
Findus beef lasagne


Source; BBC

~~~Please remember the web is full of untruths and stories please decipher with care, if this is news to you, then you read it here first.~~~

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