Was Asda Aware Of Council Repairs Policy?

Was Asda Aware Of Council Repairs Policy?

Below is yet another screen capture showing that there was always in place a way to deal with all Aberdeen Community Centres when there was an issue arose with regards Repairs and Maintenance of the said buildings.

Below you can see what Mr Paul O’Connor thinks while in the guise of an admin in the now totally discredited face-book hate campaign against the labour administration last year where he said he would not sign while his brothers in other centres held out for a better deal, he was one of the first to capitulate just like we said he would because his centre was a cash cow he could never give up but used other centres for his own means and ends!

Asda gets the message now





















As any of our readers can see for themselves O’Connor was very quick to use these said regulations to beat council leaders over the head with when it suited him and his office bearers but only 6 months earlier they were telling a different story to Asda,

We were told at the time by two female senior Asda office staff that Councillor Townson was the middleman between Inchgarth and Adsa, they said, “there cant be anything wrong as councillor Townson has been the middleman” well that’s alright then, not!

What is even more surprising was the fact O’Connor came back at 2.58am as our readers can and said what he said above.

As you can also see ex bank employee, inchgarth treasurer and long-term partner of Mr O’Connor Mr Andrew Murray thought it was such a good idea he pressed the like button as well.

So yet again the inchgarth chairman and manager is demanding the council to stand by their obligations to repair and maintain their building.

Question, Did inchgarth, Councillor Townson or any other inchgarth spokesperson at anytime tell Asda the council should, could or would have covered these repairs and their donation although they were grateful did not require to be given, yes or no?

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One question only and in-case its still not clear its two paragraphs up in bold type?

The reason more screen captures are being released now is because all yesterday and last night we had over 30 requests from inchgarth for us to show the evidence, most can not be published due to content we have more if they want us to repeat this again!

In essence we will be not be bullied by any or no-one.



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