Was The Asda Foundation Duped?

Was The Asda Foundation Duped.

 Proof Asda paid for a job already paid and completed months earlier picture

Well we told you so last year, it seems we were perhaps right all along, in an extraordinary event inchgarth leaders came out yesterday for the first time in 18 months and told the people of Aberdeen that their HEALTH HAZZARD hall floor should have been repaired by the owners of the building instead of getting it from the registered charity the Asda Foundation.

Yesterday they were asked a list of questions to which very surprisingly they answered with almost total candour, we know this as the answers given could only have come from its leadership!

We asked about the main hall floor that inchgarth claimed early 2012 that it needed replacing and in March 2012 they had a concert to raise the money, 5 days later the centre announced it had completed the works and the £10,000 invoice was paid for then and there, inchgarth thanked its customers and moved on.

10 WEEKS LATER; Asda foundation announced through the garthdee store, announced they were donating £10,000 for the very same floor inchgarth had already announced to its users had already been completed and paid for, we knew at the time this was outside the foundations remit as any funds must not be paid into groups general funds but in this case it had to if inchgarth was telling the truth.

We and others contacted the management of the Asda Bridge Of Dee store and asked them to explain why at that time they were breaking their own local funding rules, to start with they said it was them paying for the flooring directly, we said that’s not true its already been paid for out of concert proceeds, they then changed their story to £6000 for a new floor in the corridor and £4000 FOR ANYTHING THEY LIKE? (GENERAL FUNDING) we then said but that job has been completed as well we were then passed to the most senior office manageress and told all £10,000 could be used for anything they liked in other words GENERAL FUNDING which the Asda Foundation forbids in its said rules.

Yesterday this matter grew even bigger legs, incharth confirmed not only should Asda not have paid for the said repairs but it was the full responsibility of Aberdeen City Council to do it for FREE as they had a duty of care for their council owned building.

We now find ourselves in a very bad place, Asda paid for an re-laid floor COVERING that should have been paid and carried out by Aberdeen City Council and as the money was paid into inchgarths general funding rather than paying for the floor works directly this money should be recovered and paid back into the foundations coffers as the said donation process was deeply flawed that may not have been the fault of the centre?

To make matters worse Asda head office claims the actual invoice given to them was £17000 not the £10,000 inchgarth already said was paid in full so where did the extra £7000 come from if Asda was telling the truth?

Was Asda fully aware the floor was covered for any repairs by the buildings owners ACC?

Was Asda FULLY aware the floor was already paid for in full before they issued their £10,000 donation?

If the money was used by inchgarth for general funding will Asda now start to recover the £10,000 to restore confidence in the Asda foundation processes and regulations?

Asda released a statement after the donation saying inchgarth was skint we now know this was untrue who told Asda, inchgarth was not well off in relative terms and required funding because the council would not pay or repair the hazardous flooring?

What checks were made at the time that this donation was been given for the right reasons?

Asda funding rules are as follows;

The Asda Foundation is set up to assist any charity in the UK as well as people and projects who require financial assistance. The Asda Foundation won’t consider applications where the money is to be used for salaries or will be paid into general funds.

The problem here was inchgarth applied for funding after it was already laid and paid for so was the said application botched by the local store who must have been aware of the works that had already taken place the inchgarth centre?

The inchgarth flooring mystery deepens even further today?


UPDATE 26;02;2013 AT 15.14

Sorry for the delay but Asda has now commented and we will release more info perhaps later on.