Last night we asked the question who it was that paid for the inchgarth floor, today we can reveal that inchgarth had more money available on the 18th of March 2012 to pay for nearly two new hall floors before ASDA gave a 10 grand donation 10 weeks later, in other words they never needed ASDA foundation funding as they had their own funds so you have to assume that someone may have spun a yarn to ASDA.

One of our astute female readers spotted an old screen capture taken on the 12th of February 2012 where inchgarth released one of their management committee statements proclaiming Inchgarth’s Management Committee had given the go-ahead to use all its membership funds for the hall floors funding so now we know Ian Yuill was economical with the truth when he said on his own blog on or around the 18th of May that the ASDA foundation’s 10 grand donation would go along way to paying for the 10,000 pounds it was going to cost to relay the floor in the first place.


Ian Yuill was a full member of the said inchgarth management committee at the time, so did he inform ASDA prior to the ASDA funds being handed over that inchgarth was in line of raising 15,000+ pounds themselves?


Inchgarth has 2500 members whose adults pay 5 pounds and concessions 3 pounds each so that’s on average 4 pounds per member times 2500= another 10 grand into their so-called skint kitty, was ASDA made aware of this substantial fund raising before they were in the running for the foundation cash windfall?

inchgarth 2500 confirmed members Capture


So after March the 17th inchgarth was telling ASDA they were skint, penniless and no spare money and hoodwinked the ASDA Foundation into giving inchgarth monies which they did not even require it and three local Councillors stood on a floor knowing that inchgarth had already had twice that amount in their coffers and said absolutely nothing at all, why not?

To say nothing meant cheating two other groups who could have used the 10,000 pounds more wisely, so we also know the answer to the questions we asked last night, inchgarth did pay for its own floor ASDA paid the 10,000 donation into inchgarth’s general funding after all and even poor Claire and Donna along with ASDA’s then store manager got hoodwinked by standup middleman Mr Townson well, well, well there’s a shock, not!

Regular readers will have noticed inchgarth sources kept this revelation very silent of late indeed one must ask oneself why?

ASDA’s internal investigation into these events has dramatically failed, we did warn them but did they listen?

Next question what happened to ASDA’s money, where did that go?

Does the ASDA Foundation even care?

Do any of our readers know who the second placed group or charity was when inchgarth won the public vote that was never required as they now stand to gain now?

ASDA needs to tell the people of Aberdeen and Scotland what they are going to do about it now?

Perhaps we should have a study of the timeline involved, which shows more; To remind those who may have considered requesting an Asda contribution for their respective charities over the years and been turned down and refused for various reasons – Asda rules and regulations state that any anyone receiving a donation from Asda must use the donation for the purpose requested and certainly not for the benefactors general fund, and to repeat NOT FOR THE RECIPIENTS GENERAL FUND.

This timeline is NOT ours it belongs to Inchgarth and then Asda, it was two and a half months AFTER Inchgarth had broadcast and printed on their website ( see screen-capture) to everyone they had their floor repaired and paid. According to the Inchgarth website their floor was repaired and paid for by Inchgarth’s annual members subscriptions of £4/£3 pounds which realised the sum of around £10,000 and again according to the Inchgarth website the full amount of the subscriptions would be used for the floor repair. This was in March 2012.

In March 2012 Inchgarth again were raising funds to pay for a new floor which as we all now know got repaired in March, and as we also know Inchgarth is a thriving business with over a million turnover and have at all times been under the guiding lights of some Aberdeen City Councillors.

It is worth considering which needy charity missed out the opportunity to receive a £10,000 donation from the Asda Foundation, especially after we received an Email from Asda corporate affairs trustees spokesperson stating that the £10,000 would be used to repair the floor, and only for that purpose.

We now know this to be not factual as the floor in question had already been repaired and paid for, as Inchgarth had already stated that £11,000 had been used to do this.

When Mr Yuill went on his blog to say the foundation paid for most of it he failed to mention they already had raised all the required monies, why as a member of the inchgarth management committee did he not stand up for the other groups or charities shows he was biased in his dealings, did he inform ASDA inchgarth already had the funds required and the same goes to all other Councillors and ASDA employees who were at the presentation award on the new RE-LAID, paid for by themselves hall floor.

So let us try again where did the ASDA Foundation money go if not on the floor?

ASDA have no choice but to reopen their botched investigation to restore confidence in their charitable processes if nothing else?



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