Asda Inchgarth Blame Game.

Asda Inchgarth Blame Game.

This photo was taken two months ago please note its different from yesterdays picture.
This photo was taken two months ago please note its different from yesterdays picture.

Who will blame who first over the new charity scandal engulfing both inchgarth and Asda/Walmart, yesterday we released an article that showed inchgarth was yet again caught red handed and for at least 2 months maybe up to a year or more according to our latest reports from insiders at Asda, Aberdeen.

We have learned that the general manager that would have been in charge while this alleged misrepresentation was taking shape has been sent to Asda Portlethen in the last recent month, many of the workers have joked about him not taking the community notice board with him. (whatever that means)

Thousands upon thousands of loyal Asda customers have seen it and have perhaps been swayed into voting for Future Choices charities bid to get a donation from the same store as inchgarth got £10,000 last May.

Everyone knows Future Choices is heavily backed by inchgarth community centre and unwary customers might be swayed into voting for a charity backed by another charity (inchgarth) that is NOT a charity at all, for this contest to proceed at present would be totally unfair or unjust to the other two groups competing for these said funds while more allegations of pretending to be a registered charity has just come to light again.

Asda must stop this vote in the Bridge of Dee store right now to bring back balance and fairness to the Asda Foundation donation process.

What is amazing is yet again Future Choices turns a blind eye to a community centre they use knowing that their asda voting box is less than ten feet away from where the same centre is proclaiming to be a registered charity when Future Choices are fully aware inchgarth is not a registered charity and they do nothing about it, not even a call to OSCR, strange behaviour, what do our visitors/readers say about that?

If they say they never knew about it, well they do now, I know about it and have reported it, all other charities must do the same now as well or being registered with OSCR means nothing at all!

Asda now has very little choice but to ask for its £10,000 donation to be paid back in full and to report this matter to OSCR and the police someone/s in their organisation has failed in their duty of care to fully protect the share holders interests, if the nationals get hold of this story its game over.

Which brings us back to our local rag, that’s now two confirmed reports of a centre claiming to be a charitable association within months and gets zero coverage, if it was anyone other than their blue eyed pin up boy from garthdee they would be camped outside their doors 24/7 so what is the deal here, they report about cats stuck in tree’s but anything serious to report, its like to much like hard work and anything to do with inchgarth its ignored, so who really protects this centre?

This sites traffic grows each day more and more Aberdeen residents is becoming more aware of what is perhaps taking place here, sticking heads in the sand is no longer an option for these so-called big players!

If it was the other way round that inchgarth knew someone had got funds pretending to be a charity over their non-charitable status how many people think they would say nothing more about it?

Inchgarth’s usual line has been GO TO THE POLICE, GO TO THE POLICE, GO TO THE POLICE – ask yourself why they dont say it any more or why they even said it to start with?

Yesterdays story produced not one single reply from the inchgarth bully boys and none this morning looks like the are doing what their councillor friends are doing right now of-course now that the three local councillors that was pictured present at the asda £10,000 hand over now has a duty to report this matter to the police or OSCR, will they all do it, or are they all in this together?

Gordon Townson SNP was said by asda staff to have been the middle-man who arranged all this last year and an ex-police officer with 30 years of service, now he is aware that the centre as he is a corporate sponsor of inchgarth has been caught twice now in so many months passing themselves off as a registered charity will he report this matter to the police himself or risk putting his pension in jeopardy?

Will councillors Ian Yuill (lib dem) and Angela Taylor (labour) also report this matter to OSCR or the police today if they have not so far done so? If not why not?

Will any councillors reading this story today report this matter to anyone in the world, they are all going to be sent a link to this website and asked directly their views so all their voters know where they stand on matters such as these?

Aberdeen City Council have just given inchgarth a new ten year lease to carry on as before, big mistake although they were fully warned by many and are yet to release a statement on the Asda investigation inchgarth said was rubbish and incorrect!

No matter what happens now the credibility of Mr O’Connor and inchgarth management committee is in tatters and will for ever more, is this the way for an MBE award holder to behave in public life? Mr O’Connor cant say he never knew hes in there almost every day looking at his notice board because 90% of its space is devoted to inchgarth, why?

We are asking our readers to click on the above picture and drop us a line telling us when you first saw Asda/ inchgarth was telling the People of Scotland inchgarth was a registered charity, if you don’t want your comment published that’s OK just say so on the comment, it will still be reported on here!




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