Kickass Torrents Back Online.

Kickass Torrents Back Online.

Its been a slow news day,
What is the point of WIPO and the British Phonographic industry BPI spending an absolute fortune in the high courts that took months and months for a result everyone knew would fail.

(ISPs) BT, O2, Virgin Media and Be There broadband will start blocking three of the largest torrent websites today.

Kickass Torrents, H33T and Fenopy will be censored following a High Court order handed down earlier this year, a decision that has been welcomed by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) music cartel.

Kickass Torrents is listed among the 50 most visited websites in the UK, while H33T and Fenopy also have huge followings and are used by hundreds upon thousands of people in the UK every day.

With-in a few minutes of the big ISP’s putting in the block the worlds biggest file sharing site started on a new server and all the money they spent trying to protect their artists was in vain.

WIPO is another organisation that is another waste of time and money, WIPO offers trade mark owners a way of protecting their trade mark names but this to is a complete waste of resources any would be trade-name wannabe can circumvent this by good SEO – Search Engine Optimisation skills and clever usage of domain names.

Trade mark owners would be better to ignore lawyers as most of these domain owners cant even be traced makes one think they could behind some of these dubious registrations just to line ones own pockets its that corrupt and if they are they can come to Aberdeen and they will be right at home with all the corrupt people who live in this area, only kidding, not!

As far as blocking web addresses its a complete waste of time and money and within minutes its circumvented with a new domain name and or a new server!

UPDATE ;- Kickass has went back to their old domain but according to web insiders have opened huge amount of proxy links that will be very difficult to block for experimental uses only search for kickass proxy servers on smaller search engines.