Shocking New Asda Story

Shocking New Asda Story.

If your interested in what is happening at Aberdeen’s Flagship store yet another alleged incident of bad practices concerning registered charities in the south of Aberdeen where this store resides and serves several local communities not just one as appears to be the case.

It must be said that as far as the admin of this site is concerned it appears that its only in this one store that gives exclusive rights to just one non-charity to advertise their commercial services, in other Asda stores across Aberdeen the community notice boards are full of different adverts from groups to registered charities, just why there is only one group allowed to takeover the entire board prior to last Monday morning 4-3-2013, only ASDA head office can answer but it must be a very unusual case and perhaps the only place in the entire UK that this has perhaps happened?

We are unaware at this time if the said notice board had changed after this date but the premise of the article started on the 21st of February 2012

Please read the full article here;

If your aware of this happening in other parts of the country can you either report your issues to Asda head office in Leeds or your local stores ask to speak to the local Asda community champion or here?






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