Where is the £4000 Concert Funds?

Where is the £4000 Concert Funds?

After this weekends revelations from inchgarth supporters no-one is any closer to finding out where approximately £4000 of concert funds from a live concert held on the 17th of March 2012 has went to.

Inchgarth said at that time it was used to recover the old hall flooring of the main hall and was fully paid for on the 23rd of March 2012, International Scotland has no reason to believe this was not the case, in-fact we say it was 100% true.

The problem for inchgarth was compounded by the Asda Foundation who donated £10,000 on the 15th of May 2012.

At the time two senior office staff members stated the donation was for different things one said £6000 was for the floor and the other £4000 for general inchgarth funding which we also think is 100% true and would tally with all released public statements made at this time?

Within 30 minutes of the local store being made aware that inchgarth had not only completed the works but had stated it had already paid for the work Ms. Ord claimed it was given for general inchgarth funding only and not for the floor covering.

Both can’t be right?

Today the mystery deepens even further as on the 18th of May Ian Yuill writing on his blog confirms what we now know he said and we quote

“This is a fantastic donation by Asda and a huge boost for Inchgarth Community Centre. It will go a long way towards paying for the new floor of Inchgarth’s main hall.”

The reason inchgarth cant say where the 4 grand went to is the fact Asda said they were going to pay for it all not part of it and then the penny dropped!

Now inchgarth refuse to tell us anything of its where abouts, both inchgarth and Asda refuses to tell anyone of the time-lines when inchgarth had a concert, how much was raised for the said floor, when it was relaid, when the contractor was paid, who the contractor was, when they were first told about asda donation and when they cashed it amongst other questions?

For a centre who publicly states its chairman manager and management will be fully transparent in all matters these questions blows them out of the water!

Inchgarth wants us to ask ASDA these questions but how would they know these answers?

 update; we have been asked by email to further explain why inchgarth and asda does not want to release further details?

ASDA can not give donations for general funding period, if inchgarth paid for the floor either in part or in full they would have to pay the monies back to the asda foundation, Asda would then have to admit they were negligent in its processes none of the parties may want that so they perhaps concoct a plan that saves both of them face.