Well folks here we go again this case of misrepresentation goes further than a group trying to pass themselves of as a charity trust now tries to frame someone else for the deed!

But they left trails oh boy did they leave a footprint, last week the inchgarth tribe descended on this crying wolf we were behind it all in regards to OSCR taking down a site, we apologise this was incorrect it now turns out inchgarth inadvertently took down the said b99.co.uk website themselves without them knowing about it!

INCHGARTH was listed on that site before they said they were a charitable association on a BAA press release back in November last year in fact they had been claiming they were a charity on that portal site for over 2 years and it had an email they were using to set it up with from day one that leads directly to the door of inchgarth its self namely *co*****@tiscali.co.uk ,

The people behind this portal entry tried to change the email of whatever it was who set it up to start with to BrianHunter@europartners.co.uk  Which is completely bogus and does not exist but the biggest problem for the would be agent provocateur was at the same time of trying to change the email address to my name the b99 server was logging there IP as **.206.37.3 ip and at the same time logging on here trying to tell the people of Scotland that we were the folk behind it all.

Of Course it raised our suspicions even higher and although this poster claimed to have contacted the webmaster at b99 this was also bogus and the reason the said charity advert was taking down was because of Multy-use of IP address with different email addresses attempted to have this advert removed.

The offender also did us a favour in regards to the email address they tried to use and only they will know what we mean???

The offender wrote to this blog and said, (none of these posts have been published YET!)

Brian Hunter caught red handed, inserting false adverts proclaiming to be Inchgarth lol lol lol The Clown has no idea, He realy has lost the plot lol lol lol


100% Proof, e-mail from b99 directory, states, User name & password was used to access and remove said bogus Advert, all by Brian Hunter, the —— Clown has proven once more how low he is willing to go, in his quest to harass Inchgarth again, The Clown could not stop a bus, i tell you the man is a complete Clown lol lol lol To —— easy to —— easy Hunter lol.



There you have it Folks, What more proof is needed, Brian Hunter places a bogus Advert in a charity section of b99 directory making out it was Inchgarth, all so he can take a snap shot of the advert, then make claims that Inchgarth have and are listing themselves as a charity, you just could not make this —— stuff up i tell you lol lol lol….Hunter you are not only A CLOWN but a fraudster, you are one piece of dirt Hunter…


Where are you , you —— Coward, get your backside on here & make an appology right now…What a —— Clown , Hunter has nothing, so he invents cheap silly adverts to pin on Inchgarth , What a —— Clown & caught red handed, User name & password entered to remove said bogus Advert…lollololololol

as you can clearly see they thought they would never be caught because they thought their IP was not being logged by the b99 server and that I would not contact the webmaster their which was more helpful then I had hoped!

Inchgarth knows who the would be offender is and how much damage this will cause them, what will they do about it?

For information to the person or persons who committed this string of compounded criminal offences, it should be enough to know that these I.P’s and all information and historical screen captures have been sent by the offending webmaster and website owner to the users internet host on my instructions as we have nothing to hide.