Aberdeen Charity Joins Harlaw Learning Partnership

Aberdeen Charity Joins Harlaw Learning Partnership.


Its with great pleasure we announce that Dads Care formally Dads Work has joined HALLA this week and will be running drop-in sessions dads support groups every Tuesday 11-2pm at the Kaimhill Community Centre, the purpose of which is to support all dads in all types of concerns relating to parental issues and worries but most of all offering full support and advice from one of the UK’s best known Official Charitable Dads Group.

Happy Dads equals happier children adds up to better outcomes for families, or maybe you feel you just need to speak to other like-minded dads, maybe you only want to listen and pick up a few tips that’s fine as well.

You might even want to contribute to the informal discussions or you might just want a mentor type one-to-one session that can be arranged also there and then.

FREE COFFEE AND TEA for all visitors!

Dads Care has been building relationships with many signposted organisations over many years including the WEA, NCT, Fathers Institute, Children in Scotland, Grampian Opportunities and many others.

If you require more information on our dads groups please drop a line below, they wont be published but will be passed on for a direct reply by members of Dads Care.