One of the international Scotland admin team was present at a community centre meeting in September 2011 and witnessed elected Councillors and the inchgarth chairperson dishing out a fair share of bullying to council officials and was so disgusted at their behavior wrote an official complaint to Aberdeen City Council to which no action or reply was ever given all I was told was it was not in the public interest or their interest even though every community centre leaders were there and witnessed it.  This is my complaint at the time in full!


Dear Sirs, I wish to make an official complaint about certain elected members of Aberdeen City Council and the actions of some of Aberdeen’s Leased Community Centres managers that attended a meeting of the management for communities on the evening of Thursday 22nd of September 2011.

I was at this meeting representing ANOTHER community centre and was one of the first to arrive at the meeting, I was greeted at the door then presented with refreshments and handed the management agreement for my perusal before the meeting was due to start!


I was seated at the rear of the room next to the refreshment area to the far right of the room looking towards where the officers were. I was there for around 10 minutes before Mr Paul O’Connor then sat down in front of me to tell me off so to speak for daring to call into question his running of the Inchgarth / Kaimhill CC which came as no shock to me.


One of the officers came into the room where Mr O’Connor’s partner Andrew said “woodcocks in” O’Connor turned saw her turned to me and said, “Do you know that bitch”? I said no, he said “if it’s the last thing I do am going to get her the sack for what she has done to me” he went on without any prompting from me “ She was the one who stuck me in and did the report you keep referring to on your website detailing the report of 21st of April 2011.


I said to him how he could be so negative about the report when in fact it was a truthful document in the first place?


The hall started filling up very quickly, Councillors Townsend, Yuill, West and Crockett were within 5 feet of me along with Paul and Andy from ICC when the meeting opened, Mrs Cassidy got less than ten words out before the Councillors was giving the signal to one of the guys from the leased centres to stand up and basically abuse the officers by telling them they were useless, a few more finger pointing of directions saw others rise to their feet and it was like reading from a script and before anyone knew anything Paul told Councillor West to “get her” “get the meeting finished” it was obvious it was pre planned so much so the leader of inchgarth has said on his website he only went there to stop the said meeting.


Their plan was to divide and conquer and it worked a treat because the non-leased centres did not have a clue what the contents of the documents were that they said were at a late stage of near agreement.


Councillor West went on to confirm after my centres chair. ********* pressurised Councillor West into telling everyone that he and Paul had private a secret discussions about having a meeting set up with A Bruton before the evening’s meeting had already started was a total abuse of power and proceedings.

Both the groups divided into separate rooms the officers in the corridors it was just appalling these Councillors should know better, however before the meeting Councillor Crochet did say he was there to observe what the other Councillors were up to that evening and as far as I can see played no part in the proceedings.


When both groups came together Mr O’Connor launched what could only be described as a hate speech against the officers and as many people witnessed it am sure others will report it to, what was worse was the Councillors seemed to love every second of these verbal attacks and totally condoned his actions, what is becoming of our elected officials in Aberdeen is there no shame!


After the meeting the officers were much shaken and very upset not one person other than me tried to comfort them the Councillors and the inchgarth party remained in the room were bear hugging each other in front of the officers and congratulating themselves on a job well done!

If the above is not bullying then what is it, Valerie Watts ACC chief executive officer has basically said no bullying has ever took place yet she is aware of this report/complaint and did nothing about it at all.