They wanted to the tell the world they were a charitable organisation even though we and everyone else knew they were full of it, now they are offering a charitable service to whom they think are NEEDY!

Who exactly determines what NEEDY means? What exactly determines what level poor starts.

Will the person under trial by poverty to get a free cup of coffee and a free sandwich reserved for the poor be cancelled out if only two kind customers have paid double or extra for someone to get a free coffee and a free sandwich and 50 customers who are classed as NEEDY turn up looking for free coffee and a sandwich every day?

This is yet another new hair-brain scheme to hoodwink people out of hard earned to donate money to pay for a coffee and sandwich to other inchgarth users who are deemed to be in NEED, how would inchgarth know who can afford it or not plus how would this work in practice, one gets it one day comes back the next expecting it again to be told no-one has donated today so tough luck you either have to pay for it or leave now!

Lets examine this concept further,

Will it be means tested? Will this mean a home visit and form filling the same as the welfare state brand poor families? Who in inchgarth validates who is in need or greater need? Will the needy have to prove they are indeed entitled to the free coffee? Will the poor have to turn out their pockets? Will Inchgarth be handing out freebie tickets or will they get a swipe card? It’s a recipe for stigmatisation.

This is what happens when people with no formal qualifications dreams up stupid ideas.

It was reported today that Councillor Ian Yuill who is obviously backing this nutcase idea could not wait to buy a fair-trade coffee yet there was no mention of him Donating money for the NEEDY?

Inchgarth is hard to find but we will give you directions and a map so if your in NEED get your FREE Coffee and Sandwich of-course you may have to prove your in need so maybe they will have the forms for you to fill out just don’t turn up with your own transport…!

free coffee and sandwich for the needy Aberdeen picture

It was also reported that most of the plasma TV’s have been fitted but they are up 9 feet up on wall and you could only see the screens if your standing up or behind the café bar which was fitted by Caber Coffee Ltd which opens more questions than answers and the question we have repeatedly asked BAA Trust Fund, is the  best idea they could come up with for any community group or charity?

This idea started on facebook of all places by people thinking they were good doers but failed to understand the dynamics of such stupidity, all that happens to the place offering it will increase their cash-flow and their profits, if its working great inchgarth could perhaps let us all know how many donate and how many needy receive such benefits besides coffee is the not very nutritional as far as any beverage goes and shows its a daft idea just like having lots of plasma TV’s dotted around a wall every ten feet away, there used to be a place in Aberdeen that done this called video-plex most of its regulars ended up with sore heads and strained eyes and the place went bust yet another stupid idea.

You have to ask about the type of people in the BAA trust fund who thinks this is money well spent?

In the picture provided by yesterdays evening express there was space for around 20 covers, there was 5 plasma screens that you can make out so if twenty people were there at once all seated thats 1 TV for four customers most could not see the screens because of the angles but its OK because its the council who picks up the tab for the waste of electricity being used, yes another stupid gimmick that provides no service or gains and another stupid idea, yet BAA says this was the best use of the funds, who are they kidding?

The local rag also claimed they had extended their hours but had they researched their own report they may have discovered inchgarth had in fact reduced their operational hours as last year they got paid thousands in grants to stay open to keep the youths of the streets more money for nothing culture here!

If they are so bothered about the needy why don’t they just become an official registered charity and give out coffee and sandwiches out for free 3 days a week instead of this stupid ill thought out idea.

People are telling us Caber Coffee paid for the coffee bar and supply at cost the products and its a franchise can inchgarth confirm if this is true?

If its true then this may mean its a sub let can inchgarth confirm this?

Can inchgarth tell us how many needy people they have helped since they started suspended coffee sales and who decides within the centre who is deemed to be needy?

How many of our readers thinks this was money well spent?