George Osborne told by IMF chief: To rethink your austerity plan!

Christine Lagarde says IMF has changed its mind on UK’s deficit reduction strategy due to weak economic figures, what? It was only a year ago the IMF said it was a great plan and it was on course to work a treat!

LIB DEMS to blame, they allowed their coalition partners, sorry fully supported them in all things Austerity to put the people of this once proud nation under the cosh and squeeze the life out of ordinary people that we now have negative growth rising unemployment 99% get poorer, 40% more child poverty and the richest 1% getting richer under this and every Tory government shows the Tories are still the same old feed the rich, starve the poor party.

Their motto “work hard pays” proves its a lie, it only makes the rich, richer!

IMF is not without fault either they told the British people the government was on track last year and more or less fully backed Austerity as a sure way of reducing deficits,  we now know this to be a lie and falsehood.

The only thing in Mr Osborne’s favour is he and they never went as far as poor old Greece which today will be kicking itself for allowing the IMF the European central bank to hoodwink them into killing their economy for ever.

Apparently the IMF is now saying they want to reverse the austerity plans because they are not working, no really, what a shock, not!

As an old one small time currency dealer even I knew this would never work from the off, when you squeeze the poor zero money is spent straight away, the old argument was if the rich got richer they would deposit their wealth into the banking system where the banks can off-load to less well-off clients in the form of loans but this dynamic has changed because of this government and the old one of allowing tax dodging to become the norm of large international companies and its directors.

Squeezing the poor has failed big-time, making the rich richer including massive tax breaks to most of the governments already super rich cabinet ministers proves they are not doing Austerity for the nations benefit proves that the only way Scotland and its people can have a future is to break away from London for good.

Well done the Tory party they claim to be a unionist party but in the last 3 years have done everything in their power to break this myth once and for all!

Scotland’s economy grew .5%  last quarter because of the support of the Scottish government not because of Tory Austerity planning in London which proves Austerity only serves 1% of its people and when its the 1% of our people who makes the rules there’s no chance of these chickens voting for their own Christmas anytime soon which will make next months IMF meeting very interesting but then again who will listen to what they have to say they never get anything right themselves and are just poodles to the richest 1% because and in reality they are in the 1% rich club themselves.

The IMF knows there will be no u-turn here they are merely doing the usual saving face exercise, when the economy goes into free fall and they will say we told you so.

Voting for Scottish Independence is very scary proposition but how can it be any worse at least they know how to give the country some economic growth in these dark times and some hope for it’s people in the future unlike the clueless duo above!

UPDATE; While the world waits till the bomber was caught in Boston the credit agency fitches reduced the UK’s credit rating down to AA+ from its triple AAA rating the GOVERNMENT SAID THREE YEARS AGO Austerity was the only way to protect it, they must be using the same bank experts as you know who?