They Never Learn From Their Mistakes.

They Never Learn From Their Mistakes.

inchgarth never tells the whole truth Capture

Yet again the centre that likes to tell stories are at it again, we are not going to mention them by name but regular readers of this blog will know who it is.

This time they are trying to inform the people of Aberdeen all monies raised goes straight back into the community this is pure fantasy their centre is not a community council or charitable status of any kind, yet they are now claiming monies go directly into helping its local community and the people that really needs their help, we say prove it?

As you can see by the above screen capture it says clearly all monies raised through hiring their halls/rooms goes back into the community, if this is correct who pays the managers 30+ grand wages plus other paid employees of the said centre?

Recently they said their suspended coffee campaign was a huge success as reported by them in the local rag even though it was only running for a few days before they stated that claim, yet since then no figures have been released about how many cafe customers had paid the extra pound cost and how many needy people has since received a free non-nutritional beverage?

Sounds great in practice but if you cant show who it benefits then it may be open to abuse!

In other parts of the world establishments have given a more nutritional products such as hearty portions of Soup and bread instead of coffee of course the cost of the free coffee is only around 10p so the other 90p goes straight to the centre to be given to the needy in the said community although no proof of this has yet been declared to the locals they say needs the help?

Its a bit like the story about ASDA claiming they were supporting this centre having charitable status and us saying is was a complete LIE only for the centre to claim their adverts were being amended to take off centre costs and will be replaced in the next few days, THAT WAS 2 MONTHS AGO and we are still waiting, Chancers!

How hard is it for them just to tell their said supporters the truth for once rather than trying to hoodwink current or potential centre users?

Why does the three local area Aberdeen City Councillors not complain about such postings on the centres own website, ask yourself that question?