Inchgarth Under Pressure To Justify BAA Funding.

Inchgarth Under Pressure To Justify BAA Funding.


Over the last few days the pressure has been on Inchgarth Community Centre to try and justify why Aberdeen International Airport thought giving this centre 50 grand of funding to build a new cafe that was smaller than the last one which was over budget at 60+ grand and only two years old by making it the centre piece of an learning hub has now turned into a shambles.

We have said this all along it was but a pipe dream, it seems the best way to promote this new cafe was to have a coffee morning then a baby walking session followed by more coffees and refreshments, anyone can do this on their own as there are 4 places to drink a coffee within half a mile and every other place is cheaper!

They have just announced that they have purchased 6 ipads for its cafe customers to use notice the part where if you purchase products first then you can get access to the ipads it does not say this but visitors are been told this is the rules.

BAA stated this was the best option for their 50 grand giveaway is this really what they had in mind?

We have been informed prices are OTT for what is just a small local community centre in the middle of nowhere with wall mounted TV’s, iPads and a coke machine, how can this be a vision for a learning hub that will make a huge difference to its local community when they already had over 60 laptops already in place before another 50 grand was spent again was a waste of charity investment with nothing to show for it other than programs being advertised with before and after buy the dearest biggest profit cup of coffee in Aberdeen.

For every coffee sold inchgarth is making around 141p in profit! – What other outlet makes this much profit even top London stores makes less profit.

What does BAA think about giving money to an inner city community centre only for them to make more in profits selling coffee than even their own coffee in their own airports?

Does BAA think this was a wise investment given they said it was help the garthdee community not make them poorer?

If it only costs 6p per cup why do they need to sell it at such a high unit cost given they are not for profit organisation?

In another twist we hear the home bakes are sponsored from places in the community is this true?

They claim profits are going back into the community for the less fortunate where is the evidence of this?

Buzzwords and slogans including soundbites sound great but where is the evidence?

Why are the council allowing this kind of profiteering to take place and investigating where new lease agreements have been broken given they said one can not be a manager and chairman at the same time, if they dont then other centres will say their management agreements don’t mean a thing and the process was a waste of time!