And it could only happen here in Aberdeen oh yes at inchgarth yet again!

In it’s desire to sell even more mega expensive coffee’s to it’s centres users to boost its profits further incharth community centre has come up with a very novel and ingenuous plan they are introducing toddlers and babies to each other while parents sip a cup of GarthdeeĀ BLACK GOLD sorry coffee at Peggy’s cafe.

We all know the benefits of toddlers interacting with others and the development advantages but babies is another matter.

You need to understand how a babies immune system works in order to fully understand what potential risks there are to your baby.

The immune system of a newborn is not as strong as an older infant or child. The antibodies that it is born with comes from the mother.

The mother can only pass along antibodies against germs which she has built up and immunity to. Also the antibodies that the baby is born with are not very protective and will wane after the first few months.

Therefore one can conclude that a young infant is very susceptible to certain types of infections. Many doctor’s will tell you however that breastfeeding does help to boost your newborns immune system. So if your baby is only a few weeks or day’s old their body has not had a chance to really boost their immune system, regardless of how much breast milk they have had.

If a newborn were to catch a cold it can be a lot more serious than you may think. An infant with a cold can have feeding problems, dehydration, poor sleep, difficulty with their breathing, and ear infections. Not only will a cold take it’s toll on the baby, but it will take a toll on you the parent as well.

The best thing for any new parent to do is ask your pediatrician or GP what they think FIRST.

Its not very clear by this advert who will be looking after you toddler/young baby while you are a way enjoying your very expensive local community centre cuppa?

Its also wise for them to issue the age limits for baby ages and publish advice from local health visitors if available before offering such services so parents can better understand any potential health issues for their newborns or very young babies

On a cheery note maybe its inchgarth’s idea that these babies are centre users and as such can vote at their forthcoming AGM.

What lengths will this centre go to to get parents into inchgarth to sell and consume the new cafesĀ  beverages!

Here Is a better idea if its true this centre is the best funded community centre in Scotland and it’s coffee cost just 6p to produce why dont they offer unlimited FREE coffee’s to it’s centre users just like almost any other much less funded centres in Aberdeen?

Its meant to be a not-for-profit community centre offering their community educational and support services not a motorway cafe business!

Footnote; Still no evidence provided that inchgarth cafe profits have been put back into the local community?

Ask them and see their reactions!