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Inchgarth Community Centre is NOT a charity or a charity company as stated on the site below!

Why does this community centre always try and state it has charitable status, is it trying to hoodwink trust funds out of their dosh, they call people internet trolls yet they themselves are trying to lie they are a registered charity, they kid no-one.

If they are so desperate to be known as a charity then they should become one, many need to ask themselves why all the local Councillors still needs to support a centre miss-representation of themselves as a charitable status group, what’s all that about?

How many inchgarth charity adverts are out there?

inchgarth is not a charity Capture



inchgarth 73 x 6p coffee's picture

Just when you think inchgarth had turned a corner to normality the Inchgarth Management Committee releases a cracker, International Scotland had asked for this centre to release figures and surprisingly they have, 102 donations at 6p per cup cost price equals 1700 free cups of coffee yet inchgarth has given only free 73 cups and they say its been a huge success, what!


Their statement states the following, 73 cups has be given to the young (what’s all that about) do their parents know their kids are getting free coffee and other beverages free of charge, (caffeine is not good for young children according to the world health organisation) how old and how young are they? Disabled groups and people down on their luck, according to who? What do they need to prove their entitlement?

Does the people donating suspended coffees aware the centre is giving free coffee hand-outs to the young?

The cost price of this huge generosity from this centre stands at 4.38 pounds approximately and are profiteering from the people they are meant to be helping!

This is what this centre calls a huge success, who are they trying to kid?

Why is the three local councillors allowing this happen?

The Great Community Coffee Rip-Off

The Great Community Coffee Rip-Off.

The things on community centre in Aberdeen wont tell its customers!

For all visitors to a new cafe in Garthdee its only fair we let you know where your money goes and its per cup of coffee actually costs;

Caber Coffee is really nice and on its website states they sell 8x1kg bags of beans at 82 pounds each, most 1kg bags of beans uses 7g of beans for each average cup therefore each 1kg of coffee beans can produce on average 142 cups of coffee.

The centre buys in bulk it maybe cheaper still but lets say each 8kg bags will produce 8×142= 1142 cups at say 1 pound each equals 1,142 – 82 pounds for the said product equals 1062 pounds in profit, wow so that’s why BAA donated them 50 grand but hold on they already had a cafe before that costing 55 grand only two years old, confused maybe that’s the whole idea!

If the centre was attracting 3000 footfall per week as claimed and most had a coffee and extra food and given most volunteers worked there for free how is it possible for asda to claim the centre had very little in spare funds last year or any year that they sold coffee for profit?

So lets say for the sake of argument only 1000 cups of coffee were sold per week at a pound each thats 8kgs of coffee beans thats nearly 850 pounds profit on coffee sales alone per week x 50 = 40+ grand profit on coffee alone no much wonder why this centre advertises its new coffee shop at every opportunity as each cup only costs 6 pence  each to produce and why most other centres in Aberdeen gives there own users free coffee and teas!

Please bare in mind all centre’s in Aberdeen get free electricity and pay no rates or commissions on profits!

If it only costs 6 pence per cup why is the centre asking its customers to donate 15+ times the cost price of the product to give 1 unit to the poor and needy which means for every one cup donated to the poor and needy the centre makes 94 pence profit from that persons plight is immoral and should not be commended in any way, of course this maybe wrong and we hope the centre will make a statement on there own site with break down figures and total number of donations thus far and how many has received free coffee since the suspended coffee imitative has begun at this centre?

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