We have received a number of comments claiming we are wrong about the price of Coffee’s at Peggy’s Cafe PLC number 3, and the true cost is one pound and 50 pence – £1.50 wow! £1.46 clear profit per cup OMG was its users aware of this?

If your a bit hungry you can get surprised by the unconfirmed colossal three pounds and fifty pence – £3.50 for a basic toastie, top restaurants in Aberdeen would love to get these sort of profits – don’t forget this is a business with over a million pounds turnover and not a charity, and don’t forget this community centre does not pay for rates, electricity, etc…and because of this surely it’s time the Aberdeen City council stepped in or woke up out of their prolonged hibernation.

We would like to know how youngsters and their long suffering parents visiting this so called community centre can be expected to find this sort of monies for their snacks? Are all their parents millionaires?

We have also been told the cafes prices are way to expensive for what is after all just a simple and typical Aberdeen community centre wee drop in although we can’t confirm this as the centre has not made their food and other beverages and food prices public outside Inchgarth which seems strange, what does our readers think about their pricing, if anything?

This must be the most profitable coffee shop in Europe where the Aberdeen City Council have allowed a non-profit-organisation the rights to sell coffee and other beverages in an area that already has a number of suffering business’s that are forced to compete with inchgarth on a non level playing field except unlike Inchgarth who pay nothing to anybody these business’s have no choice but to pay proper staffing costs, electricity, heating, business rates, water rates etc… and to repeat the City Council pays all these charges for Inchgarth means the likes of starbucks and Costa coffee can’t even compete.

The next question people have been asking is where all the profits from this centre will be going to, good question we say?

Inchgarth is a NPO (non-profit-organisation) yet the council have allowed this centre to employ staff on the payroll which is not allowed under the rules and therefore taking advantage of this setup.

We have also been told (unconfirmed at this time) that inchgarth may have signed a deal with Caber Coffe if true and depending on the details if correct might be a breach of their ACC management agreements as it may be deemed a sub-let! (subject to a FOI request soon).

Of course if this part is true then BAA never paid full cost for the new Peggy’s cafe so where did their 50 grand really go?

Inchgarth claims profits will go back into the community yet there is no evidence this will happen or has ever happened to date, they are planning clothes banks, food banks and other banks but this will only increase and benefit inchgarth PLC why does mostly everything inchgarth does is money orientated when the city council already pay( ie; you and me) for everything so where does all the revenues go?

As the monies to run the Aberdeen council comes from you and me then surely it’s time the answers to these and other questions were answered for all to see, after all it’s your money!!!

Whatever the answer is one thing we do know the chef used to get around £25,000 and at the same time its manager got over £30,000 and several others also getting paid out of something proves this centre generates huge cash-flows which also means the centres treasurer an ex banking financial consultant must be a very busy boy!

Can Inchgarth management confirm all their cafes prices please on their facebook, twitter or inchgarth websites for our and your future customers perusal?