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This is what happens when you live in our part of the world, below is the latest news from the so-called busiest community centre in Aberdeen.

Could the author of these reports be on uhu can anyone enlighten us on what this is all about as its surely in the public interest?

These are the direct links from the inchgarth twitter feed from a representative of the inchgarth community centre in Aberdeen in full and in UN-edited format taking on the 24th of June 2013;



  1. Surely can’t be to give horrendously poor and comical advice sprinkled with veiled threats of ending ones lease if one rejects such comedy?

  2. When common sense, law, good practice and sensible people state black, why does certain council officers state white? Your purpose in life?




The Royal Bank of Scotland, the ones that have more chiefs than Indians has apparently went out of its way to block an Aberdeen Charity from its lawful business, International Scotland has full details and are prepared to release them in full unless they cease  from such behavior.

This has happened to a charity in Aberdeen who were only looking after the interests of it’s trustees, the bank in question has already paid out compensation although the charity had already refused their offers of settlement and it is now in the hands of the banking ombudsman for their consideration?

Some of the blocking tactics of the bank in question were as follows;

  • Blocking account completely without foundation for three weeks;
  • Refused for 4 months to change account name to the registered charities official title!
  • Blocking requests for old cheque’s to be returned for proper scrutiny;
  • Blocking and delaying old statements from being reproduced;
  • Paying cheque’s that had changed account names;
  • Paying out monies that had only 1 signature instead of the agreed two and refusing to refund accounts;

The list goes on and on, is it any wonder the bank may have to delay its proposed sell back to the public when a bank can’t even look after a charities bank account it’s a very sad day!

What is the RBS Management doing about it???, well they don’t care as it seems to be a problem with their staff!




I think I speak for most when I say cold callers seem to pick the wrong times to give you a call.
If in the U.K., you don’t mind so much, but you can get really miffed about those unwanted cold calls from overseas who have bigger imaginations than Walt Disney.
Does this sound familiar;

“I’m calling on behalf of Microsoft and I can see that your computer is needing some software and also cleaned of all the rubbish”, sounds ominous and to some maybe even scary thinking someone can look into their computer even although they are posing as Microsoft staff. This little charade is positively false and is just another way of trying to screw money out of the unwary and those who know very little about the workings of a computer, the ruse of course is to trick you into buying something which you probably do not need, and obviously coming from a dodgy seller.
For those wishing to give a little back to those overseas cold callers you can in fact retaliate by doing the following, please note; I would never condone such behaviour but this way is possible if you are so inclined;
The overseas cold caller phones you at their usual time of 7.00 pm or thereabouts you lift the receiver and place it on the telephone table or similar – do not answer ->the cold caller will attempt to break the connection by hanging up ->you will then hear a distinct drone of the telephone hung up sound -> in about a minute again the sound stops and the cold caller is still trying to end the call somewhere overseas -> the good thing about this means the cold caller will never attempt to call you EVER again, especially if you have taken time out to make yourself a cuppa or be called away to help your children etc…around the same time before you yourself hang up properly.
Please note  this is suggested as a temporary cure for overseas cold callers who circumvent all the rules and regulations that U.K. companies attempt to adhere to. Until such times as the U.K. and overseas communications networks devise a method to remove or bring in legislation to stop these overseas cold callers from telephoning private residences any old time of day or night this may or may not work?

Safe browser for kids.

Safe browser for kids.
Have you been frustrated by web browsers unfit for kids to use? I know I have and everybody over the last umteen years have been in the exact same boat. The existing mainstream browsers have settings which do not consider kids first.
So we can report at long last there is a browser you can download free and it’s designed for kids. The kidz browser can be set for various settings and has a secret key for the adult to use to keep the kidz from going into the wrong places.
As a responsible parent/ grandparent/childminder etc… you owe it to your children to keep them safe while websurfing as more and more unbelievable stories are crawling out of the internet.
You can download the free kids browser at;




The Convener of the Scottish Parliament Finance Committee Kenneth Gibson MSP welcomed the 2013 Ernst & Young Attractiveness Survey on foreign direct investment (FDI), which finds that in relation to the possibility of independence there is “no sign of investors being deterred from coming to Scotland; if anything, the reverse appears to be true.”

Ernst & Young also report that the number of inward investment projects in Scotland is the highest for 15 years – a 49 per increase on the previous year – and that Scotland is ranked number one for inward investment projects outside London, up from number two in last year’s report.

Mr Gibson said that senior figures in the No campaign parties – including the Chancellor George Osborne – have consistently asserted that the referendum and prospect of an independent Scotland are deterring inward investment in Scotland.  He challenged the Chairman of the No campaign, Alistair Darling, to apologise for this scaremongering and pledge never to repeat such baseless claims during the rest of the campaign.

Mr Gibson said:

“This is an exceptional performance – and all credit is due to Scottish Development International, the Scottish Government, and everyone who has worked hard to give Scotland a sustained and leading role in securing inward investment in an extremely tough global environment.

“Thanks to this excellent work, we have a 15-year high in inward investment projects, and extraordinary progress even on last year’s impressive figures.

“And yet throughout this entire period we have had senior politicians from the No campaign parties asserting, without a shred of evidence, that inward investment is being deterred.

“We now have the evidence and the reality – to quote from this report there is ‘no sign of investors being deterred from coming to Scotland; if anything, the reverse appears to be true.’

“We clearly can’t believe a word the No campaign says about inward investment – which will lead many more people in Scotland to conclude that we can’t believe a word they say about anything.

“My challenge to Alistair Darling as Chairman of the No campaign is simple and direct – apologise for the scaremongering, which has now been shown to be demonstrably untrue, and pledge never to let it be repeated by anyone on behalf of the No campaign.”

More information;

1. A Scottish Council Development and Industry report, published on 28 May, said in relation to independence: “It was difficult to discern tangible evidence that the debate itself was causing investment to be halted or deferred.” (page 21)

2. The No campaign have continually asserted that investment is being deterred – without producing any evidence or a single example to support their claims:

* “I think the instability and the uncertainty that hangs over the Scottish economy (is) because of Alex Salmond raising the prospects of independence…

“I think that uncertainty is damaging investment in Scotland – and there are major businesses around the world who have asked me as chancellor in the last year ‘tell us what is going on in Scotland – we’re worried about making an investment in that country’.”
George Osborne, BBC’s Politics Show Scotland, 13 November 2011

* “If Alex Salmond wants a referendum on independence, why do we wait until 2014? This is very damaging for Scotland because all the time businesses are asking ‘Is Scotland going to stay part of the UK? Are they going to stay together? Should I invest’?”
David Cameron, 9th January 2012

* “Certainly, the feedback he has had and the Chancellor has had from business suggests that this uncertainty around Scotland’s place in the Union is having an effect.

“It affects their decisions to invest, it affects their decisions on how they plan for the future. There’s a lot of uncertainty anyway at the present time and this is clearly adding to it.”
David Cameron’s spokesman, 9th January 2012

* “With too long a period, we will just increase the uncertainty about Scotland’s future, which will affect jobs, it will affect investment plans.”
Michael Moore, 25th January 2012

* “… continuing constitutional uncertainty is damaging business in Scotland.”
Ruth Davidson, 16th January 2012

* “…the growing uncertainty the delay over the referendum is creating.”
Johann Lamont, Holyrood Magazine, 24th February 2012

* “…the extended uncertainty the SNP want is in itself damaging Scotland.”
Danny Alexander, 2nd March 2012

Kaimhill versus Inchgarth

rubber room

rubber room


Kaimhill versus Inchgarth

Since the £90,000 debacle at Kaimhill we decided to have a little look at both Kaimhill versus Inchgarth.

While considering these centres we assume both have full and comprehensive Public Liability Insurance which we are led to believe wasn’t always the case.

Kaimhill – easy access and convenience to get there? – personal score 8 out of 10
Inchgarth – easy access and convenience to get there? – personal score 6 out of 10(too many bends in the road!)
Kaimhill – manager ability – personal score 9 out of 10(the manager is just too friendly, so loses a point!)
Inchgarth – manager ability – personal score,   -(minus)10 out of 10(the manager is untrained and seems to struggle with reality)
Kaimhill – cost of coffee – personal score 10 out of 10 (it’s free)
Inchgarth – cost of coffee – personal score, Dick Turpin prices = -(minus) 10 out of 10(coffee franchise – which is rather odd for a supposedly NOT FOR PROFIT organisation).
Kaimhill – friendliness of the local people – personal score 10 out of 10
Inchgarth – friendliness of the local people – personal score 10 out of 10
Kaimhill – unstable staff members = zero – 10 out of 10
Inchgarth – unstable staff members = 1 in particular who has Al Capone symptoms mixed with La-La el Mafiosa syndrome(a deadly disease of the rubber room brigade) – personal score -(minus)10 out of 10
Although this may be a tongue in cheek look at Kaimhill centre and Inchgarth centre it shows that one centre in particular needs to start updating their 2013/2014 ideas and plans.







Inchgarth has just released information that says there was over 500 centre users today, the exact quote was;


2.5 hours and let the fun begin. Easily 500 people coming to use the centre today in a multitude of classes, meetings, our cafe- happy times

We say well done, must have had lots of free bingo books out, eh!

Maybe they thought it was the jubilee party time part 2 when inchgarth said bring your own food and share it

Happy cafe times indeed and here we were thinking inchgarth was under some sort of cosh whoever said we were making it hard for inchgarth to operate must have said tosh not cosh you silly little boy.





Oh dear it seems inchgarth cc the one and only is at it again, just because we have ignored them/him for ages due to their increasingly strange decision making of late has decided to throw insults at their neighbors Kaimhill learning centre.

It’s because Kaimhill is now a thriving learning hub with more and more user-groups using the centre than ever before, of-course inchgarth cc had their chances to take-over the centre but blew their chance when there was nothing in it for them.

Never-mind the people of Kaimhill now has a centre and a HALLA committee to be proud of and to show inchgarth how its done with a program filled with real world content and offering continuous personal development showing that when the HALLA committee steps up to the plate and shows a willingness to work with others than you know HALLA is the group to take the people of kaimhill and Aberdeen forward and upwards!

Then we have inchgarth doing what inchgarth cc does best insult people who challenges them to answer questions which are always in the public interest and they hate it, here is a flavor of their latest twitter insults and bad mouthing off of others; 

4 May

It’s amazing how certain so called professional community workers have an intense, deep rooted, irrational jealousy of all things inchgarth.

4 May

And equally as irrational how a certain family, their relatives and mates, not to mention ex cld workers can commandeer a local facility!

4 May

Final thought of the day- Internet trolls and vile stalkers, yes they do exist within the confines of a city council building nearby! Evil!!

6 May

Inchgarth considering a door to door campaign in some other communities to enlighten good folk, birkhall parade a great street to start !

Above screen captures taken!

Nothing like being called ‘vile evil stalkers’ or even real stalking threats of yet again asking my neighbors and local shops, got any dirt on he who lives over there?

Is this the voice of reason or even a MBE award holder? We think not but this is very close to irrational behavior and sounds like defamation to us and all because people want to go to the kaimhill learning centre instead, it might offer much of the same facilities but at least the coffees are free all day long, while you learn something new and exciting and with better value for money !

Wont be long before all three local Councillors will be holding all their surgeries over there instead!