Oh dear it seems inchgarth cc the one and only is at it again, just because we have ignored them/him for ages due to their increasingly strange decision making of late has decided to throw insults at their neighbors Kaimhill learning centre.

It’s because Kaimhill is now a thriving learning hub with more and more user-groups using the centre than ever before, of-course inchgarth cc had their chances to take-over the centre but blew their chance when there was nothing in it for them.

Never-mind the people of Kaimhill now has a centre and a HALLA committee to be proud of and to show inchgarth how its done with a program filled with real world content and offering continuous personal development showing that when the HALLA committee steps up to the plate and shows a willingness to work with others than you know HALLA is the group to take the people of kaimhill and Aberdeen forward and upwards!

Then we have inchgarth doing what inchgarth cc does best insult people who challenges them to answer questions which are always in the public interest and they hate it, here is a flavor of their latest twitter insults and bad mouthing off of others; 

4 May

It’s amazing how certain so called professional community workers have an intense, deep rooted, irrational jealousy of all things inchgarth.

4 May

And equally as irrational how a certain family, their relatives and mates, not to mention ex cld workers can commandeer a local facility!

4 May

Final thought of the day- Internet trolls and vile stalkers, yes they do exist within the confines of a city council building nearby! Evil!!

6 May

Inchgarth considering a door to door campaign in some other communities to enlighten good folk, birkhall parade a great street to start !

Above screen captures taken!

Nothing like being called ‘vile evil stalkers’ or even real stalking threats of yet again asking my neighbors and local shops, got any dirt on he who lives over there?

Is this the voice of reason or even a MBE award holder? We think not but this is very close to irrational behavior and sounds like defamation to us and all because people want to go to the kaimhill learning centre instead, it might offer much of the same facilities but at least the coffees are free all day long, while you learn something new and exciting and with better value for money !

Wont be long before all three local Councillors will be holding all their surgeries over there instead!