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It seems all has been forgiven since inchgarth kicked Mr Forbes into touch for being to soft on his facebook campaign last year against ACC for daring to threaten being kicked out of leased community centres, Mr Forbes was rightly allowing proper debate to take place before the usual bully boys took over.

We wish Mr Forbes well in his new MC role at least we know others can approach him directly for answers as he is now accountable and held in high esteem by OSCR which is more than can be said for others.

We have plenty of screen captures should anyone wish to see them?




Inchgarth Drive Thru.

The above headline might not be as far fetched as it may at first seem.

Inchgarth website has stated the following;

The creation of Peggy’s cafe was just the beginning of this venture and we have agreed at board level to merge Peggy’s cafe with our extension which we constructed 3 years ago.
We will be raising the money over the next year (sooner if we can) to build an extension from our main corridor to join the extension.
This will allow for another 40 seating, give access to the pool/ snooker and games hall and ensure people can access the outdoor seating area.

More on this as it developes and once more the centre doesn’t stand still, always looking to improve and make a lasting difference.

So there we have it the creation of perhaps the biggest cafe in the western world in what after all is a local community centre!

There is now three cafes built on this site over several years peggys mark 2 cost £55,000 3 years ago and shut down in April 2013 in favor of the aptly named “BAA £50,000 giveaway” where it was meant to make dreams come true for the local residents, incharth now claims it provides OAP’s  with instruction on how to use Ipads and Iphone 5’s, BAA must be highly delighted at that success!

They must also be asking themselves why they spent so much money on a project just to see it get swallowed up into a new super cafe swallowed up again by peggys cafe 2 into what will be now known as peggys cafe mark 4 by seemingly adding a corridor between cafes 2 and 3 plus adding a few tables along the way, is this what BAA had in mind 8 months ago?

If they get the go-ahead at planning stage they could ask for a hatch to be installed on the outer wall of the new corridor to install a Drive Thru.

So there we have it a community centre so small perched in the middle of no-where where outsiders could only ever find it using Google earth maps (zoomed right in) and in 4 years spend in access of £155,000+ on one huge cafe and they may say its money well spent, yes but for who?

Guinness book of records should be notified?

Aberdeen has the biggest community centre cafe in the world!

BREAKING NEWS, Stay tuned International Scotland has just been informed from our many friends of yet another linked story, more on this later after we complete our researches!



Three network has suffered a huge outage today it started mid morning in Aberdeen and has lasted most of the day, after contacting other three contract users it seems its all down the east coast of Scotland.

Below is their statement on current problems, they may have to rethink their “FOR A FEW MINUTES” Line.

Some of our customers may be experiencing intermittent problems calling and sending texts. We’ve identified the issue and are working to fix it as soon as possible, which may result in a loss of service for some people for a few minutes. Our engineers are working hard to restore normal service, we apologise for any inconvenience.

OFCOM is investigating an huge outage in the early part of June 2013!

Please report here if the outage goes further than just the east coast Scotland?

Update; The outage in Aberdeen seems to have cleared at 10:34pm.

Three is a great network and this is the first large outage in this area for a long long time!


Aberdeen corruption still alive and stinking.

against corruption

Aberdeen corruption stinks!


Aberdeen corruption still alive and stinking.

During the last few years we have researched many  stories and reports from individuals and victims alike and all for the benefit of the community.
During this time we have reported wrong doing and corruption at the highest level and at the lowest level without favour and without prejudice.
International Scotland will not be gagged by anyone and International Scotland will continue to report articles which are passed to us from concerned individuals.
It should be stressed that International Scotland as always can prove and substantiate anything which has been written in the past or will be printed in the future.
We do not rely on gossip or heresay no matter where the report comes from, so anything you may read on International Scotland has been thoroughly researched before it goes to print.
International Scotland will continue to report on corruption, wrongdoing and attempted lawbreaking from every part of Aberdeenshire including these small nests of vipers which seem to flourish in Aberdeen city in particular.
Watch this space for further revelations!!!

Sense Scotland Charity Events

Sense Scotland Charity Events

Sense Scotland Charity Events has asked us to promote their upcoming charity event with Inchgarth Community Centre, Garthdee, Aberdeen.

Inchgarth community centre in association with SENSE Scotland (deaf and blind services) is extremely excited and proud to announce that Patrice and John Mcruvie will be performing for us on FRIDAY 8TH NOVEMBER at Inchgarth cc in order to raise much needed funds for Sense Scotland and Inchgarth. Once more, Inchgarth raising money for local causes but also supporting charity along the way.

Once again a not for profit organisation partnering a well known and much respected registered charity to share its charity event profits with.

The event promoters has stated it will be a 50/50 profits split on the day.

We hope this event will be a huge success for Sense Scotland!