Scottish Home Report Rip Off

Scottish Home Report Rip Off

Many people in Scotland who have sold their property have discovered what it costs to sell their homes and Home Reports have to go down as the biggest rip off of all time.

England and Wales have seen the light and bombed this stupid regulation into touch.

Some people in Scotland sell their homes because of financial hardship and can little afford the average £600 Home Report costs and benefits no-one, for instance not many buyers would or may be aware that home valuations only lasts for 12 weeks after which the seller is required to get their property revaluated at around £150+vat every 3 months if the property is left unsold.

If that was not bad enough valuations are not required in Home reports, its only to the benefit to buyers and only if its carried out by the big players in the survey market and only then can it be used for mortgage purposes.

It’s another case of buyer beware.

Buyers cant use it if the reports are inaccurate so what’s the point of it at all?

The Scottish Government should scrap this stupid costly burden on the Scottish people who could least afford it.