The Funniest Things Happen in Aberdeen

The Funniest Things in Aberdeen all happen in just one area.

On another note many readers have asked us privately why we don’t build a local dedicated  based website, we say if we did we would not have enough time to do anything else.

Take the latest funny to come out of this area of Aberdeen where a community council donates money to a local entity one day only for the said entity to hire a known problem bit of apparatus from; who do you think? Surely that can only happen in Aberdeen?

There is a leased community centre in Aberdeen that has both a chairman and a manager being the same person which is not allowed anywhere else in the UK never-mind Aberdeen yet the local council is terrified to act, why? Perhaps that same person did not sign it after all, oh well matters not, its still not allowed to take place or happen!

Aberdeen City council owns prime building land yet no department seems to know who owns it, manages it or even insures it but this website knows who runs it and pays nothing for the pleasure for these last few years, although the courts seems to be a grant or two waiting to happen, good old Andy Murray legacy comes to the rescue for these mouth balled and almost forgotten local loved landmarks.

Of course had the council still had full control perhaps they could have sought out the 1/4 of a million pounds available for a spruce up in grants currently being handed out if you have a several mouth balled tennis courts handy!